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Artists to earn royalties


Chris Theko

The Lesotho Copyrights Society of Authors and Artists (LESCOSAA), has started with its job of registering artists whose royalties will be collected on their behalf.

The registration process was officially started on August 9 and is currently ongoing at the LESCOSAA offices, Post Office building 7th Floor.

LESCOSAA Public Relations Officer Senate Makara Chechela told Newsday Arts that registration of artists and authors has begun with ease.

“The registration process has begun for all the artists and the authors and we are happy that so far people are coming in numbers,” she said.

LESCOSAA is a collective management organisation registered under section 31 of the Copyright Order of 1989. Its mandate is to promote and protect the interests of authors, artists and performers; collect and distribute remuneration accruing to its members.

Applicants must be owners of copyrighted work with all the rights vested in them at the time of application.

“We are currently registering music composers, authors and publishers so when a person applies we need proof that they satisfy all the asks for the qualifying criteria, which include copy of proof of identification, valid contact and banking details and membership fee of M100.00,” Makara said.

She indicated that the association’s mandate is to defend against duplication of art works, communication of works for public performance, broadcasting and distribution by cable. 

“The core intention of the association is to enhance efficient monitoring and collection of information on the use of copyright works,” she stressed, adding that there are a number of benefits for all who will be registered which include protection of their works.

“When registered, usage of one’s works will be monitored, used under a license and they will get paid for public performances, broadcasting and when it is included in another work such as in adverts, LESCOSAA shall negotiate on their behalf and all artists even the young not so famous will benefit from our standardised licensing terms. Artists will get returns on their investment and will be able to create more works,” said Makara.

One of the artists who have already registered Pheello “Coordinator” Lesholu expressed his excitement saying that it is about time that they start getting paid for their work as artists.

“This has been long overdue because as musicians we have been suffering where our work was used for free and without our consent.

“I am happy that I will finally start reaping the benefits of my hard labor. I hope and encourage other artists to take this opportunity to register now so that when we start being rewarded they are not left behind,” said Coordinator.

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