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Copyright Society to ensure compliance of copyright laws


Chris Theko

The Lesotho Copyrights Society of Authors and Artists (LESCOSAA), is on course to ensure that copyright laws are implemented to protect their graft. 

These laws will be enforced in protecting art works with the aim of resolving their long time outcry over their artistic productions.

LESCOSAA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ‘Makhukhumala Kama indicated that LESCOSAA is a collective management organisation responsible for the collective administration of copyrights. 

She said it has a statutory body that is established under the Copyright Order of 1989 to help in its function of being a multi-disciplinary organisation, administering all categories of rights noted under Section 7 of the Copyright Order.

Kama revealed that the association assists on defending duplication of art works, communication of works for public performance, broadcasting and distribution by cable. 

“The core intention of the association is to enhance efficient monitoring and collection of information on the use of copyright works. 

“It will help in maximising control of the rights holders over exploitation of their works and prevent unauthorised use of art works and in negotiating licensing of commercial copyrighters on behalf of its members,” Kama said.

She added, “We were inspired to form this association because we realised that artistic works are used freely every year where only businesses benefit. Mainly for broadcasting lessons in learning institutions hospitality sector, transport sector and privately at home,” she indicated.

She said so far, LESCOSAA has managed to register its constitution, saying it is a long term investment intended to benefit both creators and users economically.

Lesotho Music Rights Association (LeMRA) Chairperson TÅ¡epang Makakole commended LESCOSAA, saying it effectively started its operation by the end of 2020, helping in the collection of royalties paid by the people who are lawfully permitted to play music depending on the pricing quota of the music played.

Makakole showed that the music played will be archived in recordings which were broadcasted at a certain moment and the music will be documented to make it easy to know the price to be paid.

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