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Cura’s cancer fundraising become a success


Keketso Khunonyane

The cancer fundraising gala for comedian Mapuru Makara known as Cura succeeded to get a M20 000 support in cash last Friday.

Basotho came in numbers to support the event and the comedian explained that the journey towards disclosing was a long and hard task.

He narrated that he was diagnosed with leukaemia (bone marrow disorder) last year around November.

“It took me a long time to tell my family and people around me about my condition. I felt like I was cursed, but as time went, I told my family.

I was not doing any justice to them when keeping it in, especially my mother who lost my older sister to liver cancer,” he said.

He noted that after coming to terms with the disease he started treatment.

“In December 2018, I started my first chemotherapy. It was not easy for me at all,’’ the comedian said.

With a person always full of jokes, when narrating his journey, Makara’s voiced pained a concerned person, he told his story with a straight face.

Present at the event was motivational speaker, Mary Bosiu who said she realised that Cura was sick in December last year.

“I have been working with Cura for a long time. He is more like my son,” Bosiu said.

She added, “Last year in December, I was asked to be a master of ceremony for an event at Avani Lesotho, but since I have been doing this for a long time, I refused and referred them to Cura. On the day of the event he was not there. The first thing that came to might was that he probably has an engagement elsewhere as it sometimes happens.”

She noted that she later found him sleeping on a chair.

“That was unlike him. He did not seem okay at all, so I asked him what was wrong. He simply brushed away saying he is tired.

“It was in January this year when I invited him at my home in Borokhoaneng to be an MC that day Cura disclosed to the crowd of his illness. He then told me that the night he was sleeping on a chair, he had just arrived from his chemotherapy session.”

The gala was also graced by the presence of a cancer advocate and a survivor, ‘Majakote Lejaha who said she came into contact with the disease in 2007.

 â€œI was 8 weeks pregnant when I recovered that I had stage 2 breast cancer, but due to pregnancy I was not able to start my treatment. I had to wait until had given birth, so only in 2008 I started my treatment. It was not easy for me at all,” Lejaha said.

She noted that when she thought that was over, the cancer resurfaced in 2015, but this time she was diagnosed with liver cancer, leukaemia and lungs cancer.

“I started the treatment again and the same year, my husband was also diagnosed with sarcoma cancer but unfortunately he did not make it,” she shared.

The crowd listened to different stories of cancer but as a comic gala, different comedians took to stage and jolted jokes to spice up the mood.

Although the event was meant to start at 7pm, it started 2 hours later forcing other artists who were billed to perform failing to make to the stage.

Only three artists managed to perform while others left before the show ended.

Gospel artist Sentšo managed to get his share of the stage and took the crowd by storm as they were sang along with all his songs performed.

Lekokotoane Jazz Band also performed a special song dedicated to Cura titled ‘tiisetsa moshana’.

Once speeches were done, comedians were given a platform to crack their jokes to the audience.

An actor and comedian Tseko Monaheng kept teasing Cura saying when he goes to India he should greet his ancestors, comparing the country to heaven.

“I cannot believe Cura is leaving us. Are you sure that you are going to India or to heaven? When you reach heaven, please inform my grand-mother I am struggling financially. Tell her I have tried all things to get money, but I did not succeed. One other thing, get well when you get to India or else the First Lady will transfer you to Australia and we will never see you again,” Monaheng cracked the crowd, but Cura responded saying he still has a long time to live.

Another comedian Rethabile “Energy oa Mzuku” Motsepe said that Cura should learn Indian’s accent as he will struggle communicating with them.

Litaba Kotelo famously known as ‘Makhubelu said he would rather be HIV positive rather than being diagnosed with cancer.

“The word “kankere” sounds more dangerous than cancer. So you are saying cancer is in everything that we eat? I will not stop eating meat because of cancer.  Cura please get well, we still need you,” said Kotelo

Other comedians who performed South African wit Rasta, and locals Leotoana, Mashoto, Skaftin, Mokotatsie, Mapena, and Mkhondoane.

Also present at the event was the deputy minister of health ‘Manthabiseng Phohleli who spoke strongly advising all Basotho to go and test for cancer.

“We have so many cancer survivors here in Lesotho. The likes of Deputy Prime Minister, Monyane Moleleki and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Machesetsa Mofomobe. Please change your lifestyle as to avoid cancer.  I plead with you to go and test so that you can receive treatment in time,” said Phohleli.

As to contribute to this fundraising, ‘Maesiah Thabane Trust Fund donated M20, 000.00.

Cura was further honoured with an award for serving and sustaining the industry for 21 years.

Cura has been attending chemotherapy treatment at Bloemfontein. He will be referred to India to further his treatment.   

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