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Fare thee well soldier


Police trainees who from the Police Training College (PTC) pulled an infamous feat this week on the streets of Maseru intimidating and assaulting members of the public.

The recruits who were seen in khaki uniform became the talk of town when they mercilessly thumped, smacked, and kicked the unmasked citizens which ultimately sent shocking waves on social media platforms.  

In response to these, the Police Spokesperson Senior Inspector Mpiti Mopeli explained that as part of their training the police recruits were deployed in Maseru as it is their duty to protect the public and their property.

He mentioned that in almost every festive season, Maseru town gets jam-packed with lots of stampede which increases the rate of crimes.

“LMPS informs the public that they will start seeing police recruits in Maseru town and other towns this festive season as the aim is to protect and serve the public as well as their property. Moreover, the police will be everywhere to make the public feel safe and to prevent any criminal activities,” Mopeli said.

There is an adage to wit, charity begins at home and a biblical reading that teach your child the law so that when he grows up he shall not depart from it, or something equivalent to that.

Interestingly, the teachings of youth are best taught in demonstration than talk. While things are taught they are caught by the avid learner who learns best by emulation.

That police are torturous and abusive in contrast to their call of duty being saviours of the public, needs no emphasis. Suspects have died unnecessarily at the hands of police who torment and torture them mercilessly while extracting confessions out of them or maybe just as a pastime.

It became apparent this week when the police trainees were unleashed unto the public that indeed there is no end in sight to the cancer that is police brutality since it is probably taught at an early age or stages in the making of police officers.

The valour with which the young future police officers inflicted pain on the innocent members of the public bore witness to fact that they learned well. The young lads dressed in the most hideous uniform were on the streets for only a few days yet there was already public outcry at their display of violence and arrogance.

They punched, slapped, lashed swore at and inflicted all manner of pain to the members of public for the pettiest of reasons.

It is no wonder that the police spokesperson, found it worthwhile to publicly announce or make public declaration to support or defend brutality meted on the media.

Without mincing his words, he said reports by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) that some police officers are on a drive to sow terror in the hearts of the media was pure propaganda.

It is our contention that the police is a public serving entity which should have the greatest of relations with the public it serves rather than being seen as tormentors. They should remember the true meaning of and living in accordance with the policeman helper, friend mantra at all times.

As if it was not enough that

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