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Heads of Churches condemn brutal killings


Saeabata Mahao

Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) has scoffed at the unending brutal killings that include civilians, police officer as well as Famo music gangs.

The Acting Secretary of Heads of Churches in Lesotho Reverent Ishmael Mpoziso Mqathazane said that they are not going to turn a blind eye to the ravaging murders that have sent shock waves down the nation spine, with vulnerable elderly women and children as the main targets.

“The victims of these killings are the elderly women, women and children. However, we have recently witnessed the brutal killings of the security agencies’ officers by the civilians and Famo music gang members which left us wondering who will protect Basotho,” Mqathazane said.

He stated that according to the Bible in the book of Exodus 20:13 one of the laws stated is that ‘do not kill’ and this law commands us not to kill one another but we turn a blind eye thereto. And also the Constitution of Lesotho page 10, act 5 (1) says that ‘everyone has a right to live as it is the birth right,” he said.

Mqathazane explained that, the matter stipulates that killing is breaking the law and there is nobody who should kill another soul. He further urged Basotho to stop killing each other.

He said security institutions have to be vigilant that they are the ones that are being killed lately and reminded them that they took an oath to protect and serve Basotho. He also said that they plead with the security agencies to partner up and serve the nation while being careful and taking care of their well-being.

CCL has pleaded to the politicians as Lesotho is heading to the national elections that they should stop campaigning with people’s lives. The politicians should stop inflicting hatred towards others as they may influence peace and stability in the country. They also pleaded that; the politicians should stop trying to separate the nation because that is not what politics are. encies in Lesotho that as CCL they have witnessed and observed that lately they’eho,”untry. the Christian Council of Lesotho

Additionally to the courts of law, CCL has pleaded that the courts should start taking the murder cases serious in any matter they are presented. Basotho no longer have faith in the courts of law because of the weak justice system of Lesotho.

“The courts of law should serve justice without being biased and remember that a righteous person understands the cases while a person who is unrighteous person does not understand and does not know’ as quoted in the books of Proverbs 30:7.

Mqathazane pleaded with the Government of Lesotho that a city is well situated although the land is unproductive. He quoted in the book of second Kings 2:19. He also said Lesotho leaders should give orders as well as commands to curb the on-going brutal killings of Basotho. It is the government’s responsibilities that every Mosotho lives without fear and is safe as well as free to live.

“Basotho men, youth and the public at large, plead with you that men are the protectors of women and children, their guardian and the care taker not the killer or monster. These killings are an embarrassment to the manhood, humanity and life as it is breaking the law. We plead to you to stop the brutal killings,” said Mqathazane.

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