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Hello Corona, still there?


This week the country has been reminded, albeit not directly and not in so many words that the global pandemic of Covid-19 is still real and very much alive in Lesotho as elsewhere in the world. Since the many countries of the world have eased measures and controls on the corona virus –induced lockdown and allowed for some kind of social and economic activity even under closely guarded conditions, it has somewhat dwindled to the mortal mind of a black man that corona is still here.

We have practically, and conveniently so, steadily delved into a gear of quasi-normalcy to the point where we make faces at security personnel or store attendants when they remind us to either wear a mask or sanitize before entering their shops, because of the complacency demeanour we have adorned.

It is no wonder then that as of this week we have started hearing once again of cases, although sporadic, of organisations taking extra precautionary, but reactive, measures to stay safe at the news of confirmed cases amongst members of their staff.

The European Union office in Maseru is said to have reported a case among members of its staff in a feat which has forced the Embassy to recoil and have to take stock of how it operates in order to ensure the safety of all.

In a similar light, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has also had its bite of the forbidden fruit when it also reported a case. Unfortunately for them, their confirmed case became a scare not only to them as a ministry but the spread of the shrapnel reached its sister ministry, the Ministry of Small Business Development Cooperatives and Marketing almost half a kilometre away at the other end of town. The news of this instance has forced even the latter ministry to close shop and fumigate its surroundings.

The cases may look like random eruptions, but at best are epitome of the kind of persons we have become. We have decided in our heads and practices that covid-19 had come and has gone.

But who would blame a people whose country has the nerve to have a whole laboratory dedicated towards tests for this global pandemic close down in the heart of a pandemic, and it is business as usual? When there is a body set up to fight the pandemic and nothing is seen to be done to alleviate the scourge except for dishing out questionable figures of the corona virus statistics as though it were some kind of fashion trend updating on a weekly yet no efforts are in place to right the anomaly.

It is still quite pertinent to observe the cleanliness etiquette, social distancing and mask-wearing, for the monster, the enemy (like Iveco) is still among us.

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