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Kabi delivers water in Leribe


Mafa Moleko

The Minister of Water Nkaku Kabi handed over 10 water taps in Leribe district at Ha Koebu on Wednesday May 5, 2021.

The community of Ha Koebu welcomed the minister with joy in their village when he went to hand the water taps as a depletion of the programme that began earlier this year. 

Speaking at the event Kabi thanked the community for working together with the ministry for the success of the project.

He also added that it so astonishing to have a constructor who finishes a project assigned to them. He thanked the constructor for job well done even though he delayed for some weeks.

The minister promised that this is not the end of their job for the ministry will be back to propel with many more projects in this village.

Speaking on the behalf of the rural water supply Fusi Khang the minister had promised the community of Ha koebu that he shall be back at the depletion of the project. He said the project went well since the constructor did a great job.

He said it is rare that constructors finish the jobs offered to them but this was not the case in their village. He further noted that the blessedness of their village has a lot of water and all they needed was to channel the water to the community.

He said the project covers the building of taps, toilets and tanks. He explained that there are 10 taps, 14 toilets and two tank, of water.

When giving thanks to the ministry of water, the Deputy leader Mantsekeng Motlasi of the committee of water at Ha Koebu said they thank the government and the minister of water for doing this wonderful job in their village.

She said that her village is blessed to have enough water and yet they could not get hold of this local resource they had. She further noted that the community usually contributes a certain amount to assist in projects like this one.

She explained that they lived in tragedy of water during the drought. “Running water would be nowhere to be found in such times,” she added.

She therefore expressed their gratitude to the Minister for living up the promise he had made in an earlier visit to the village.

When thanking the minister of water, the Ha Koebu councilor Ntina Teisi said the project may have shown some delay here and there but what is profound is that it has been brought to the end.

“My biggest fear was only that the minister may not be back to finish this project since this is how things are in Lesotho,” said Teisi.

In conclusion he denoted that the project was in the hands of the ministry from the begging but from there the council will be taking charge. He said it is everyone’s responsibility to protect these taps.

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