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Kong talks about love in new EP


Chris Theko

Professionally known as Kong by the masses mostly his fans, Retṧelisitsoe Nthaha, has taken a bold move in his latest Experimental Project (EP) to talk about love from the painful side of it.

The ten track EP was released on August 6, 2021.

The EP is about a guy who is dealing with a heart break until he finds love again. And that is the ups and downs of love.

Kong decided to choose love against insecurities, trust issues and eventually fell in love in the EP.

Kong told Newsday arts this week that with the EP he wanted to challenge himself in doing something that most rappers are skeptical of doing. 

“It was more of a challenge for me to speak about a topic that most rappers consider soft and in doing so I found an exciting way to portray this particular story of love,” Kong said.   

He became aware that most rappers have taken a redundant path and have fallen in the trap of talking about same things in their songs.

The rapper said it a norm for most rappers to have a content that is always about money, and being superior.

The rapper said the EP is telling a story of guy who got heartbroken and going through a healing process.

“The tracklist and the skits in it were designed and acted out to guide through his healing process till eventually he found love again,’ he said. 

“It is a mixture of electro house fused with afro beat and dance”

Kong has been dishing out EPs as this is his third and also has 2 mixtapes to his name. He is not signed under any label and prides himself in being independent.   

On this project he worked with a producer Sean Clarks from Royalty media group.

“I wanted to make music that people can really listen to and enjoy. So I decided to relate to love from the painful side of it.

“An EP allows me to experiment and still show my listeners how an album would be like,” Kong said.

On the project he features L-Tore, Theris Mo and it also has a special appearance by Lu Srenk, Danie Skae, Thandi and Alex.

It was released on audio-mack and is out for streaming while copies are also available through the artist.

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