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LDF excels in Mozambique


Mafa Moleko

Members of the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) currently deployed in war-ridden Mozambique are said to be fully-committed towards restoring life and order in the Southern region of Chitama where LDF is paired with Tanzania to retain life back to normal in the Southern African Development Community Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM).

According to LDF spokesperson Captain Sakeng Lekola, Lesotho is working alongside Tanzania at this region and there is progress evident at the time.

In the trail of their work in pursuit of the rebels, among others, schools and electricity are gradually resuming as the rebels are being driven out by the LDF and Tanzanian troops.

“There is progress so much some schools and electricity have been resumed and that marks a huge impact of the LDF in the mission,” he mentioned.

Lekola stressed that regardless of the challenges faced by the LDF due to, inter alia, the terrain coupled with lack of helicopters – which affects their effectiveness – they (LDF) are doing their best to raise the Mountain Kingdom flag.

According to the LDF spokesperson, one of the LDF members incurred minor injuries this week in the operation which cost the life of one Tanzanian soldier while quashing no less than 20 rebels in their fire-power.

He further disclosed that the casualty is now restored in to the battle field after being treated since he incurred minor injuries. The operation still keeps going on and LDF is gradually taking over the region.

Meanwhile, SAMIM released a report this week confirming the death of one soldier and three casualties. The report disclosed that the terrorists were killed in the operation and the base which is reported to be led by Sheikh Dr Njile North.

It is disclosed in the report that the SAMIM forces had contact with terrorists at the southern part of Masselo River, this is where one terrorist who is suspected to be a teacher was captured and kept for questioning.

The report concludes with assurance to the Mozambique people and SADC at large to return the province of Cabo Delgado to the normal life as the SAMIM force are working tirelessly to pursue the terrorists.

Lesotho contributed a contingent of 127 forces in order to land a hand in averting war in the Southern African country and to recapture the Cabo Delgado province away from the hands of rebels.

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