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LNIG co-brands with Hollard


Mafa Moleko

Lesotho’s insurance company the Lesotho National Insurance Group (LNIG) launched its official “bold next” which is the co-branding with the colossal international insurance company Hollard in Maseru this week.

According to the LNIG Managing Director Mpho Vumbukani, the pact which has been ongoing came to the fore in 2017, adding that the day’s do was meant to strengthen it with the co-branding and marriage of success.

“The professionalism and this union are meant to enhance the services provided to the customers and pave a bright future. We are aware of the world enemy which works against the world economy and freedom being Covid-19 which we are to combat against and climate change,” he said.

In line with the colourful future ahead of the company, LNIG further disclosed its colours of success that are merged with partner in success Hollard. Vumbukani mentioned that the colours are in line with the vision of LNIG Hollard.

Vumbukani further explained that Hollard is the majority shareholder of LNIG piloting the craft with Molepe and the Government of Lesotho which now has become the minority shareholder.

“Its relationship with LNIG is simply symbiotic whereby expertise is exchanged, including having access to a vast menu of products and technical assistance from a solid network of professionals. This relationship was established when Regent exited the insurance market and Hollard acquired their stake; thereafter partnered with LNIG to fulfil its investment opportunity in Lesotho and as they say the rest is history,” Vumbukani.

He added that the partnership also elevates the LNIG profile granting it the international reputation derived from that of Hollard. Mentioning that the innovation and technology coming with the partnership are very essential for the LNIG and Basotho.

Succeeding the privatisation implemented by the government of Lesotho, LNIG enjoyed over 40 years of growth, resilience and the resolute support. He explained that LNIG embraced the systems and the processes that allowed it to deliver the best and efficient services to the Basotho.

As though the 40 years’ growth and experience are not enough, the insurance company kept on enlarging its product range over the years becoming more responsible towards its stakeholders, customers, employees and customers.

Vumbukani mentioned that LNIG provided services when the economy of Lesotho was at its infancy and it was hard for such calibres of companies to be established but this giant set an example of leadership.

Despite its leading insurer company status of over 40 years, LNIG also contributes to the evolution of the economy of Lesotho through dividends and taxation payments. This Vumbukani said gave the company a name of “hub of professionalism and innovation”.

Meanwhile, LNIG Head of Brand Liepollo Tsekoa, said the colours remind the two companies of higher and better services they promised to Basotho. LNIG Hollard will now be seen with LNIG blue being sprinkled with Hollard purple.

She added that the partnership adds more opportunities through the diplomacies that are meant to for the communities as a way of giving back to the society for the support.

LNIG was established in 1977 and has been providing excellent services to Basotho for over 40 years now, the company decided to merge into marriage with the South African Hollard evolve and create broad platforms within local and international markets of the world.

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