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LTDC, Maletsunyane Ventures and Southern Express


Chris Theko

The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) signed an agreement contract with two Basotho Owned Companies to manage and run the visitors Comfort Facilities in Butha Buthe and Semonkong respectively. 

Maletsunyane ventures will be managing the newly built Semonkong Visitor Comfort facility which is situated right near the famous Maletsunyane waterfalls.

The facility has a restaurant, two conferencing halls, an art gallery and a Tourist Information Centre. The VCF also has a waterfall viewpoint photo booth and a performance arena. 

Amongst other things the facility will be able to host indoor as well as outdoor events. 

On behalf of Maletsunyane Ventures, Bokang Kheekhe told this publication that now they are going to work towards improving and increasing the tourism in the country. 

“The agreement is the first step towards us working to increase and improve the tourism industry of Lesotho. Through the tourist attraction which is Maletsunyane Falls, we will be able to promote tourism,” Kheekhe said. 

He stated that the facility is going to bring jobs for the community of Semonkong and the general Basotho public. 

Kheekhe who is also the founder of the famous annual Maletsunyane Braai Festival mentioned that they already have plans to host at least one themed event every month from next year.

“Amongst the plans that we have in regards to the managing of the facility is to try host at least one event every month which will be themed,” he said. 

Amongst those events he mentioned that in February Maletsunyane Marathon which will be aimed at local and international athletes, in March they will be hosting an event which will commemorate King Moshoeshoe I, a food, film and wine festival will be held in May while still hosting the Braai Festival in November just to mention a few. 

Maletsunyane Ventures will run the facility for a period of 20 years and will be contributing a percentage of all collections made from events held at the facility to the Semonkong Tourism Development Forum. 

Meanwhile, the Southern Express will be managing the exciting Butha Buthe Visitor Comfort Facility which houses stalls used as offices with the expectation that they will house community test groups. 

The facility will also have a restaurant, art gallery, camping and picnic site and boardrooms. 

It is also expected that in the future the investor will construct a 10-bedroom guest house in the facility and will be managing the facility for a period of 25 years.

Southern Express will also contribute a percentage of all the events held at the facility to the Butha Buthe Community Forum.        

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