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Man rapes niece


Seabata Mahao

A 42 year-old man of Berea has been incarcerated for sexually assaulting her 16 year-old niece. According Sub-inspector Mareabetsoe Mofoka, the alleged rapist is reported to have knocked on the room of the underage where she was asleep together with her younger sister, the youngest opened the door then the uncle threw himself in and locked the door then started touching the victim and pushed himself between her thighs in front of the youngest niece. It is said that the mother of the girls works in the Republic of South Africa, so the man is the one under whose responsibility the children are. Police urge the public to not abuse children especially when they depend on them for protection.

The suspected felon appeared before the Magistrate Court where he was given a bail of M1 500.00 and a surety of M10 000.00 which he failed to pay; he is awaiting trial in custody and was to appear before the magistrate yesterday.

Mad man drowns a kid

A 28 year-old and mentally disabled man of Ha Koali in Ha Litsebe has drowned a two year old kid in the river.

The reports revealed that on April 25, 2021, a 52-year-old granny went to collect firewood with her grandchild where she left her near the bush to get the wood but when she returned the grandchild was missing.  The woman found a blanket she did not recognise next to where she left her grandchild, she then took the blanket to the village where it was recognised to belong to one of the man from the village aged 28 years who has mental illness and after being questioned about the whereabouts of the child the man showed them the river where he had thrown the child in. The child was found dead and the man was taken by the police to Mohlomi Hospital in Maseru. The police urge the public to be careful and take precautions when it comes to young children.

Money launderer apprehended

30-year-old money launderer, Thabo Masoleng has been detained after being found purchasing with counterfeit bank notes. The felon appeared before the Magistrate Court on May 3, 2021 and was sentenced to two years in prison or pay M2000. The offender was ordered by the court to pay half of the sentence in three months. Reports indicate that the man bought in one of the shops in Ha-Tsolo with the fake money then the police were tipped on April 29, 2021 and was arrested. The police found M26 200.00 of South African bank notes. It is reported that the man was buying small or cheap items with big bank notes so he can get valid change.

Avani Lesotho linked to corruption

The two South African origin men who work at Avani Lesotho Hotel have been incarcerated for working at the hotel without licenses.

“Andrews Silivet and William Radolph from South Africa appeared before the Magistrate on May 3, 2021 for breaching section 125 (1) and (3) of Labour code order 1992. This section states that being employed without work permits or accepting work without work permits is breaking the law,” the police read.

The police report indicates that the other one was a chef while the other one was a Manager at the hotel. They were both given bail and a fine of M10 000.00 each which they paid and they are expected to appear before the Magistrate on May 12, 2021.

Scammer caught in action

A 30-year-old woman from Ha-Thetsane appeared before the Magistrate Court of Maseru on May 3, 2021 on charges of fraud. Reports divulge that the woman used to scam people promising to offer them work.

“She told her victims that she is a manager of Covid-19 Youth Project Federation which she said was funded by International Youth Federation whose aim and mission was to hire youths so they can educate and inform the public about Covid-19 and each member had to pay M250 for registration fee to get the job. Reports further state that many Basotho youth were seen at the woman’s office to pay the fees, the police found the contracts and the mode of payment was cash in hand or through wireless transactions.

“The suspect hired cars from local car rental companies, the police have 55 victims who have claimed so far and the public is urged to come forward and report their claims if they were the victim of the suspect,” Mofoka said.

Shooting range gone wrong

A boy aged 17 years from Ha-Mphaoleli in Thabana-Morena is facing charges after killing a 20 year-old man from the same village. Reports indicate that on April 30, 2021 at around 19:30hours these men were in one of the dongas around the village with the other one aged 18 years.

“The 18 year-old boy showed them his gun and he gave the suspect the gun to test but unfortunately the suspect shot the victim. The victim died immediately, the suspect was arrested and the police retrieved a 9mm pistol without bullets. Police states that the owner of the gun fled away, the police urge the public to keep guns safe or take them to the nearest police stations for the safety of the public,” she said.

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