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Matekane takes-on pharmaceutical industry


Seabata Mahao

Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) Chairman and business mogul Sam Matekane announced his intent to delve into new avenues when he launched a new business Organica Global Brands, a pharmaceutical company that is aimed at providing Covicare as well as other products.

Organica Global Brands products are made in the MGC Laboratory at Bela-Bela in the Berea district. Covicare is a flagship range of phytomedicinal products which is the vision of Matekane to offer clean, healthy, accessible and effective product that give people imunity hope in the battle to defeat the physical impact of Covid-19 using herbal based medicines found abundantly in Lesotho.

Speaking at the event of the unveiling, Matekane stated that, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced people into the corner of taking stock of their lives “and ask ourselves if we are truly safeguarding, maximising and enhancing this wonderful gift we have”.

“If we take care of our bodies as well as we should, we should look at our bodies as cars, but be aware that the car we drive must last a lifetime because we only get one. This busy life we live has truly made it easy for us to forget or even ignore the importance of our health and wellness as if we do not value the gift of life as we ought to.

“Years ago when I started Verve Dynamics Incorporated in Bela Bela I had a hope and a dream that we could begin to enhance the wellness of our people by capitalising on the gift of life in the form of the soil and the plant life it yields. Cannabis was only the beginning of this dream but with the arrival of the pandemic I realised that we promote and enable Basotho to fully appreciate and enjoy this precious gift called life. I realised that as Africans, we must do our level best to raise the bar and strive to get our people to a point where they can truly value and enjoy the precious gift of life regardless of their material situation. Health and Wellness are the fuel of a well lived life,” Matekane said.

Matekane explained that, it was this dream, married with science and a love of the gift of life that he decided to start a business that will directly and indirectly improve the lives of Basotho, Africans and the world at large,” he sad

“I am proud to introduce to you and the world, Organica Global Brands. Organica will revolutionise how we look at our health and wellness by providing everyday products that we all use that are in harmony with the gift of life. Organica will give you nature in a bottle. Be it medicines, Health Supplements, Skin and hair care products, Organica has the capacity to meet the needs of the people and we are hopeful that we can meet the needs of the world,” said Matekane.

The Covicare products are non-drowsy and can be taken throughout the day. Furthermore, they were tested and accredited by world class scientific laboratories also traditional herbal composition which has been used for 100’s of years by Basotho. These products are not advisable for pregnant or breast feeding women but are suitable for adults and children over 12 years unless directed by a doctor.

Covicare is a schedule 0 herbal medicine range that is designed to offer people symptomatic relief throughout the differing stages of respiratory infection they might experience.

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