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MEC youth wants Thabane to go


Mathato Seboka

Movement for Economic Change (MEC) youth committee are unsatisfied by the current government and the way it has been governing Basotho.

At a press conference held at AME Hall on May 09 2019, MEC youth committee stated things that they were unsatisfied with about the 4 by 4 government.

“Honourable Thomas Thabane and his government should go and hand over the governance to Motlotlehi to rule Basotho till we finish with the reforms, or there should be a transitional government which will lead us to the elections after the reforms are made” said Abiele Moletsane, Deputy Secretary.

Moletsane said that the government is misusing funds while they could help youth with that money.

“The government just bought seven cars, each is worth M1,6 million and then the government is telling Basotho that it does not have money yet they are misusing money. The money they used to buy cars should have been used to uplift the businesses of the youths” said Moletsane.

Moletsane added, showing that the government refused to reduce the Ministers’ trips and those trips are very costly.

“The honourable people are budgeted M80 million for their trips and on the other hand, the Minister of Finance Moeketsi Majoro, is claiming that the government is broke” Moletsane said.

“The government has to decrease the number of its cabinet, it is clear that Thomas Thabane and Moeketsi Majoro do not advice each other” said Moletsane.

Moletsane indicated that last year the government had an agreement with 44 000 factory workers about the minimum wage of M1 800 but the government is now quite about it and factory workers are not happy at all.

“The parliament is closed but the parliamentarians are paid with lots of Basotho’s money. The appeal court is closed so this means that we are working with only one foot which is the executive” said Thuso Monaheng, Secretary for Marketing and Communications.

Monaheng said that there is still a high rate of youth unemployment but it is the second year since the current government won the elections and there still is no difference in terms of unemployment.

“Basotho youth need permanent jobs but the government is not doing anything to see to it that they provide jobs for the youth. There are also youth who have started their own businesses or have some projects they are running, those businesses which they end up closing up due to lack of funds, but the government is not doing anything” said Abiel Moletsane, Deputy Secretary.

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