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Minister fears for own life


Matšeliso Sehloho

The Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation Likeleli Tampane feels someone is after her hence perpetual attacks on her office as well as government property in her custody.

In an interview following the latest of such attacks which happened on Monday, Tampane told Newsday that the attack was not the first.

“It has now been more than once that my work place is attacked by unknown assailants,” she said.

It is alleged that the attack came to the fore the following morning when the Principal Secretary (PS) Dr Mamoeketsi Ntho arrived at work at around 0730 in the company of Director of Gender, and learned that the ministry’s security alarm had gone off although the security guards claimed not to have heard it, hence unaware that there had been a break-in. When the duo asked the security guards concerning the sound of the alarm the men said they did not hear it, until they were notified by the duo.

According to Tampane, three doors have been broken down in attempt to get in her office. In the past her ministerial vehicle was broken down while at the driver’s house.

“All three doors have been broken down, but nothing has been stolen or damaged, except the broken down doors.” Tampane said.

There was further assault to the minister’s office only a week after following her installation into office as the new minister.

According to the minister there is another door that leads to her office. And what came as a shock to her was that, the intruder went through the door that only her and her security guards go through.

“Not even myself know the pins of that door, it is only the security detail that knows the pins,” Tampane lamented.

According to her, the intruder broke down the door but again went in through the normal door that uses pins known only by the security.

Tampane says in the past, four of the region five laptops were stolen, and later on in 2020 in November four more were stolen.

“I had thought in the past that all this were just thieves, but now as I trace everything back I feel now I am indeed the target after all’’ Tampane said.

The minister further went on to say that she is still very shaken by the incident, she believes she is the target and that the person who is behind all this is proving a point that they could get to her despite the security measures at the ministry.

“it is obvious this person specifically wants me, because they went straight to the office that is basically a sanctuary because no one is supposed to have the pins that unlock those doors except our security personnel, which are the soldiers,” Tampane continued.

The minister says if indeed this was a mere robbery then things would have been stolen from her office.

“It is well known there is no money kept at the ministerial offices but there are phones and other valuable items that can be stolen but as I speak nothing was taken away” Tampane wailed.

Meanwhile the minister claims that there were cabinet secret papers that apparently no one has access to accept the ministers and that she would have thought that maybe they will be taken away just to leak information but they were also untouched.

Tampane tearfully explained to this publication that there were already hear-says that she was pulling a stunt, hence she has also been questioned in relation to the matter.

“All in all if this person wants to take my life, since they have so much access, they should just go ahead and do it and take my life, not destroy the equipment of the government” Tampane exclaimed.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli confirmed the incident adding that police have launched investigations although there are no leads yet.

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