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Moshoeshoe lands international role in Covid-19 fight


Ntsoaki Motaung

The Global Fund through its campaign called “Roll Back Covid-19” has nominated the Chairman of the Social Cluster Fako Moshoeshoe as the Vocal Point of at least 24 countries on issues surrounding the pandemic.

In an interview with Newsday, Moshoeshoe indicated that the campaign was funded by the Global Fund itself and that the campaign covers East Africa and Southern Africa where he is nominated to be the Vocal Point.

“The Roll Back Covid-19 campaign has to look at the impact of Covid-19, how the roll out of the Vaccine has to go and how countries can be assisted,” he said.

Moshoeshoe indicated that this is a huge opportunity for the country and that his office must be very equipped with everything that it might need during the campaign.

“For the position I need support from many entities because this is the kind of work I cannot afford to do alone. Most importantly, this is the time when the National Covid-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) will have to give a clear picture of where we are in terms of Covid-91 by giving out the reality on exact numbers of people who died of Covid-19, suspected deaths, the recoveries and infected people,” he said.

Moshoeshoe stated that the Central Bank of Lesotho will also have to state how much economic impact was brought by the pandemic.

“From there we will be able to see which country is most affected and needs the most help so that it can be helped because the African Bank, Private Sector as well as the Global Fund have announced that they are going to help,” he said.

He further stated that many countries had started with the vaccine roll-out and while Lesotho is not yet sure about its roll out but need to find out and have answers on all issues surrounding the vaccine.

“On 17I will be attending an African Meeting with other countries and Global Fund where we will be talking about financial assistance that is going to be used in the issues of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. I have to have reports on how much the country needs for that, maybe reports from the National Aids Commission will help me,” he said.

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