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Mystery surrounds factory worker’s death


Mafa Moleko

The death of Motšelisi Ramanase, a textile factory employee who died following activities of industrial action by factory workers demanding an increase to their salaries remains an ambiguity, as parties that could have answer on what happened on the fateful day fail to all come to the party and divulge what they know about the death.

Tsepong (Pty),Ltd, Netcare Lesotho, Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH), Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Commissioner of Police, Attorney General and Maseru Private Hospital were supposed to have submitted the files furnishing clarity on Ramanase’s demise by Friday last week.

However, the parties failed to comply with the court interim order, and the court gave the respondents three more days up to this Wednesday.

According to UNITE General Secretary, Solong Senoe the station commander of Thetsane Police station said claims that Ramanase was admitted at the Maseru Private Hospital were a fallacy.

Senoe further said that the station commander claims that the deceased did not have money to be admitted in Maseru private,

A family member Teboho Ramanase, said it very disrespectful and suspicious that all the parties have not yet issued their responses.

“To us as a family we feel like there is something hidden here, if there is nothing to hide then why do they take so long to respond,” he wondered, adding that he is however hopeful that justice will still be served as time propels.

The Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH) could not be brought to weigh on the matter as they told this publication that the hospital would not be making any comments on the issue because it is sub judice.

Meanwhile, the Maseru Private Hospital released the medical records which indicated the late Ramanase had been showing with gun-shot wounds when she was admitted at the facility. She is said to have been stabilized at the hospital before being referred to the QMMH for surgery.

She was later pronounced dead sometime after her admission at the QMMH although the hospital has failed to indicate its part in the process of trying to save her life. Then the family was later to be sent from pillar-to-post as they demanded her corpse.

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