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New online site for baby-clothes


Mohloai Mpesi

The drawn-out practical custom of forcing kids to wear oversized clothes or shoes as propelled by the notion that they would grow into them is about to end after the introduction of “Kids and Gear online application”.    

The online platform which is designed to market apparel, baby cots, baby car-seats, toys et al, has been projected to help parents retain their children’s used equipment from the toddlers to the age of 14-years.

According to Co-Founder of the application, Refiloe Mateboho Makote, “Kid and Gear” is a new application which is free to register mandated to network sellers and buyers for different apparel and equipment that is no longer used by the child.    

“One has to register for free and upload a picture of items they are willing to sell. We then evaluate the price and the status of the product,” Makote said.

“We link buyers with sellers because you may find that some parents buy clothes for their children only to find that they don’t fit in or are too big for the child; they can sell those clothes to us and decide to buy the fitting clothes.

“Sometimes the children use the car-seats or baby cots for a short time then be forced to keep them or give them away, instead-they can make cash out of them.

She continued that, “We take 10% of the bought product and it is imperative that the buyers include a 10% of our commission when paying for the product,” she said.

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