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Of high IQ, low EQ leaders who operate like inhumane machines


Finally, members of our army are earning their pay doing what soldiers should be doing, protecting sovereignty by actually taking up arms to fight enemies of state. This at the wake of the fact that members of the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) have been deployed on a restoration mission in the Republic of Mozambique to snatch back the province of Cabo Delgado from the hands of rebel forces.

Contrary to what many might have thought, they are actually said to be fully-committed towards restoring life and order in the Southern region of Chitama where LDF is paired with Tanzania to retain life back to normal in the Southern African Development Community Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM).

According to LDF spokesperson Captain Sakeng Lekola, Lesotho is working alongside Tanzania at this region and there is progress evident at the time.

In the trail of their work in pursuit of the rebels, among others, schools and electricity are gradually resuming as the rebels are being driven out by the LDF and Tanzanian troops.

“There is progress so much some schools and electricity have been resumed and that marks a huge impact of the LDF in the mission,” he mentioned.

Lekola stressed that regardless of the challenges faced by the LDF due to, inter alia, the terrain coupled with lack of helicopters – which affects their effectiveness – they (LDF) are doing their best to raise the Mountain Kingdom flag.

According to the LDF spokesperson, one of the LDF members incurred minor injuries this week in the operation which cost the life of one Tanzanian soldier while quashing no less than 20 rebels in their fire-power.

For most of the members of the LDF, participating in the SAMIM operation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually display their military acumen seeing as, by latitude, there are very slim chances that they would have to face actual act of war because our mountainous country is fully immersed in the Republic of South Africa which is seen as a bigger power.

It is for this reason that many of us might have begun to doubt that our soldiers could actually put up a real fight faced with real war with non-civilian power, because they are usually tormenting and assaulting and even killing ordinary man in the street and/or each other.

However, we have been introduced to the new very soldierly side of our men in uniform, that they are in actual fact, soldiers after all.

We are proud that, our men are out there putting up a show to ensure that a fellow Southern African state returns to peace and order. Hail LDF!

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