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Online Magazine by Young Photographer Turning Heads


Pheello Mosesi

Karabo Makatse aged 20, from the district of Thaba-Tseka is making moves as a photographer in what seems to be a fast paced growing industry in the country.

He has established a fast growing online magazine, Markartsy which devoted to growing the modelling industry in Lesotho.

“My works are inspired by local photographer Phil The Vigilante, Justice Kalebe, TC Maila and American born photographer who is also a friend of mine Alicia Carter,” Markartsy explains.

Now famously known as Markartsy, Makatse is a second year student pursuing Graphic Design and Professional Photography at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

He explains why he has decided to brand himself with the name saying it’s like putting a tag to a work of art.

“Markartsy is more like putting a tagline on an art piece, marking one’s art. That tag for me is publicity,” he said.

He added, “Artists and models need publicity in order to grow and stay relevant to their followers.”

“Back in high school I used to design posters. I only started to get fascinated by photography when I got to LUCT.”

“I started watching tutorials on how product photography are mastered, and then I conceptualised my idea which grew into markartsy model magazine,” He said.

He added, “I used to love landscape photography a lot. Beyond that I would go out to shoot events and weddings. I was advised by some of my idols in photography field that I should focus on one thing in photography. That is when I opted for portrait photography with the prime element being fashion then on January 7 this year I started my online magazine,” said Markatsy.

“The project is aimed at promoting local fashion talents, brands, artists and in some way act as a bridge between models and agencies.” Markartsy said.

This zealous young photographer have been working alongside other stakeholders to help him grow. In design, make up as well as dressing up models, Markartsy works with Lee Visuals, Lizzy Beauty Bar as well as Renee Zac, Ali_ekford and Majara Moshoeshoe respectively. He also worked with insyncmedia in those projects that require more hands in the field of photography and videography.

 â€œThe dream for me is to own an agency, but my current financial state cannot open that door as yet. But, I dug deep into my thoughts to figure a way which I could work with models and that was it, Magazine,” Makatsa said.

“I also want to motivate young people who are interested in modelling. I need models starting from the age of 12. Outside of modelling, I want to partner up with people who want to advertise their products.”

The young Markartsy addresses the barrier that comes with balancing his school work and his photography passion. “The prime challenge I used to have was to balance between photography and design. I then realised that I would solve the problem by creating time for everything. I give all I have to my school. I know those assignments will later serve as my portfolio wherever I go. So, I don’t just complete assignments because I have to, I assure that what I submit is something that I will take pride in in the future,” the photographer said.

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