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Opposition speaks on human rights defilement


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Different opposition parties this week spoke against human rights violations which the current government has turned a blind eye on.

Mpulule Political Summit Party Leader Pastor Remaketse Sehlabaka at a press conference strongly condemned police brutality and killings at the hands of police.

“Murder and lack of justice which are not being solved yet inflicted by different governing bodies to humanity are appalling and now we see Members of Parliament fighting each other in parliament.

The power struggles visible between those in government is seen trickling down to armed forces.   They end up using members of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service and the Lesotho Defence Force as their protective mechanisms,” Sehlabaka said adding that the armed forces are involved in groups of people that are killing each other.

“They use their wealth and that of the country to protect criminals and themselves,” said Sehlabaka.

He also indicated that LMPS and LDF members have lost interest in working hard after realising that what is needed was affiliation with no love for the country.

At a different forum, the Democratic Congress Leader, Mathibeli Mokhothu raised concerns about the Constitutional Law and Human Rights, which the government seems to be disrespecting.

“Many people are dying in police custody and the government is not taking any action against the police. They do not have any right to kill people. As opposition, we had a signed agreement with Sadc and the government which demands that action be taken against any police found guilty of criminal acts against humanity instead of being transferred from one police post to the next. Until today the government has not done anything,” said Mokhothu.

He added; “We would also like to give the government an assignment, to do some research on why within these 2 years, the police have killed 44 people. There is an abuse and capturing of security.”

“LMPS, Lesotho Defence Force (LDF), Lesotho Correctional Services (LCS) officers are promoted through political affiliation, the political rallies’ permits are issued by the police but they are being seen to be controlled politically.”


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