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Police cook-up a storm in preps for festive break


Seabata Mahao

Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli says that they have decided to celebrate the festive season in style.

“On November 27, 2021, the district police authority as well as the national police authority had a plenary meeting for the Christmas and New Year break. In this meeting the authorities discussed ways to protect the public and their property then each district laid out its plans.

“Among other things, the public will see a lot of police officers deployed in the towns as well as in the communities where horses, motorbikes and vehicles will be seen all over. Operations will start on December 1 2021 countrywide while police dive and rescue squad will be seen along the Mohokare river,” Mopeli said.

He also urged the public to be aware of the reigning human trafficking especially in this festive season where people will be promised job opportunities in the neighbouring countries. Furthermore, crossing over to Lesotho in areas where there are no designated borders especially near the Mohokare River now that Disaster Management Authority has warned the public to stay alert and stay away from the rivers and dams due to heavy rains that have caused Katse Dam and Metolong Dam to overflow.

“The businesses are urged to stay alert at all times and to close on time in order to be safe and to protect their property. People who have grudges and unresolved issues are urged to resolve their situations harmoniously without violence because it will cause a long circle of revenge.

“Farmers and the public are advised to take extra precaution as people want to have meat at their houses and it is going to increase the rate of stock theft,” he said.

Mopeli added that, the end of the year tends to be a time where everyone specifically the youth engages in alcoholism activities that sometimes lead them to engaging in crime while others become victims of drug abuse, violent fights, killings, road accidents and other crimes. Also, the police would like to make the public aware that Tele border gate is still closed.

“Through the stock theft police operations, six suspects have been arrested while two have appeared before the magistrate. The police retrieved 60 cows, one horse, four donkeys, 18 sheep, one goat, 30 cows, one horse and nine sheep that have been stolen in South Africa. Also, the police received the reports of 45 cows, two horses, donkeys, 51 sheep and two goats along with 45 cows, three horses, four donkeys, 17 sheep and one goat that have not been claimed at the police station.

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