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Political leaders briefed on reforms progress


Mafa Moleko

The National Reforms Authority (NRA) held a breakfast meeting with leaders of political parties in parliament to disclose the progress made by NRA on the constitutional reforms at the event that was held in Manthabiseng conversion center earlier this week.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mohkothu the event was meant to enlighten the leaders of parties on the progress in the implementation of reforms particularly the constitutional reforms.

“We invited the leaders because we wanted to inform them on the constitutional bills and the plans that are about to be undertaken by the cabinet from the NRA,” he said.

He mentioned that NRA is at the position where it is about to hand over its work to cabinet and the parliament especially the constitutional law reforms.

According to Mokhothu, this serves as preparation to the party leaders to be able to work together once the NRA work enters the parliament, they should not focus on their political status colors but focusing on the perfecting of the reforms for the sake of Lesotho.

He said the party leaders should not observe who is in the government or in opposition but should be one be together as one in reforming this nation to what Basotho want.

Mokhothu said that NRA has to implement stability and peace of this nation therefore with the help of the political leaders since they are the most influential individuals should lead in amending the peace of this nation.

“This meeting was aimed at requesting the leaders to carry the work together in anything, they should allow debate until they reach one conclusion for the sake of the nation. 

He further said that the political leaders in parliament should deal with this matters with care and also call expects where needful so that a thorough decision can be made. They need to no point each other with fingers but point out mistakes for rectification.

“if leaders can create plans on how they can bring together Basotho irrespective of their political parties and show them that they can sometimes not see with one eye yet they can still build their nation together,”

He further mentioned that NRA shall also inform the senate and all other stake holders to give them the measure of progress too.

Meanwhile, Minister of Law and Justice Lekhetho Rakuoane said this is the best step taken by the government to involve the leaders of politics.

He mentioned that the forum is aimed at simplifying the understanding of the two houses concerning the reforms and how to handle them in the houses.

“In my ministry I have already paved the path with what we call question to the public (referendum), which allows the public to take part in the reforms of this nation

Expounding on the progress the NRA chief Executive officer Tsiu Khathibe said that the NRA looks specifically in the constitutional laws that may help the other minor laws to be reformed easily after the majors are already reformed.

He added that these laws are separated into three categories, the first part only needs the simple majority, the second part is the two thirds majority and the third part is the referendum where the public is to be involved in the reforms.

He mentioned that following these three parts of laws the second will be 22 that are to be reformed, the simple majority are 64 and the two thirds are 7 while 11 are the referendum, these shall be added within the constitution.  Lesotho is in the ongoing journey of reforming the country after the Phomaphe report that stated that the best solution to Lesotho can only be reforms.

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