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Reforms only will not bring the country peace


Ntsoaki Motaung

The Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) during its launch of the Christian Council of Lesotho concept paper on healing Lesotho or peace building model disclosed that the National Reforms only will not bring Lesotho the peace it is looking for.

Speaking at the press conference for the announcement, Bishop Daniel Rantle indicated that the Reforms are one of the important agendas of Lesotho but they only constitute a small portion of strategies that can bring peace in Lesotho.

He indicated that, the CCL concept paper shows that, as a way to healing Lesotho they propose a holistic approach and inclusivity that encompasses all stakeholders, victims and suspects.

Meanwhile the acting Chairperson of CCL TÅ¡eliso Semion indicated that the CCL played a greater role in the formation of National Reforms Authority (NRA) thinking that it will help bring the country everlasting peace.

“However, when time went we learned that, the reforms even when we thought would help, they are not helping in the manner we thought they would. Because even if the laws are very good, the point remains to which people they are going to apply. For example, we have public service laws in the country the question do people abide by them? That means even if we can make good laws if people do not want to abide by them they will continue,” he said.

The CCL Concept paper, “The Objective of CCL’s Model for Peace” is meant to commit the country or all state-holders to peace-building and the signing of the peace accord after comprehensive discussions of the modalities, implications, expected outcomes, thereon.

“The Model proposes the What? How? Why? Financial support, The Legal and Technical support shall all have been agreed outcomes of the Stake-Holders Dialogue towards Peace Building and the healing of Lesotho’s Political wounds without arbitrariness and prejudice against none in favour of anyone.”

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