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Reliving the legacy of the great King


Chris Theko

Moroka-Pula Productions, makers of the Moshoeshoe the Mountain King trilogy, will host the King Moshoeshoe Heritage Lecture 2021 next week on March 31 in Maseru. 

The production company whose pride is in the preservation of Basotho history and heritage through film, is set to wrap up the month of remembering the founder and King of Basotho nation by having a lecture. 

For instance, Moshoeshoe the Mountain King with volumes 1 to 3 and it tells the life story of the legendary King, with emphasis on the remarkable leadership skills, his extraordinary talent for diplomacy and conflict resolution as well as his visionary commitment to creating a new nation from a fragmented society. 

Moroka-pula Director, Kalosi Ramakhula said the production company could not let the month of March end without having hosted anything especially when they are known to put out information and teachings about the heritage of Basotho. 

“This is one of the buildup events to the 2024 centenary which will be marking the 200 years of Basotho nation, also we could not let this month of remembering our great King end without having organised anything,” Ramakhula said. 

He added that although there are still fears of Covid-19 spread in regards to the event, they will strictly adhere to safety protocols. 

“We are aware that Covid-19 is still here hence we are not being ignorant to that fact, however, this is not an entertainment event but a counselling session. In our history as Basotho, we have survived a lot of things and this session will be another reminder that we can also survive this pandemic,” he added. 

The lecture titled “Celebrating the foundational pillars of Basotho nation, Mokheseng, Mohlomi, Moshoeshoe” shall be rendered by Ramakhula.

The event will also comprise of the presentation of a historical fine arts exhibition and a local crafts flea market amongst other activities.          

Speaking at a media briefing about the do, Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture Lekhetho Rakuoane commended Moroka-pula for organising the event and said by right the lecture should be hosted by the ministry but due to the prevailing circumstances owing to the Covid-19 pandemic that could not be the case. 

“I am here to show my gratitude and approval of the event that will be hosted by our friends Moroka-Pula productions. Truth is if things were normal the lecture would be organized by the ministry,” Rakuoanbe said. 

He, however, thanked the company for thinking outside the box and not letting the month of Moshoeshoe end with nothing hosted in his honour this year. 

“Because of Covid-19, there was nothing held in honour of the great King except that on Moshoeshoe’s Day King Letsie III ascended Thaba-Bosiu with a few dignitaries to lay garlands on the King’s tomb in his remembrance. Also there was no Moshoeshoe walk this year so the lecture would be really befitting at a time like this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the event organisers have appointed TV personality and culture enthusiast Nomaswati Letšolo to be Master of Ceremonies (MC) on the day because of her well-articulated Sesotho language and her love for Basotho.

For her part, LetÅ¡olo said she could not feel more honoured than to be part of this monumental event. 

“My main reason for accepting the invitation to be part of the event is because of the honour that comes with it. Also we are now in an era where Basotho are seen on social media and all walks of life starting to appreciate and love their culture.

“It is very important that we take advantage of the current wave of cultural and heritage love to teach our people why they should know history” she said. 

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