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Review Ha u bone by Q-Real


Chris Theko

This week on the review we take a listen to Q-Real’s ‘Ha u Bone’ taken from his ‘Matsieng’s Finest’ album. 

The track runs for 4 minutes and was built on 91-beats-per-minute (BPM) and laid on a 16/16-time signature. 

Produced by Zinkz Dee, the song starts off on some piano chord with some keys and immediately a hook by Q-Real.

The song is a mixture of hip hop and R&B with a flow of trap. It would be easy to leave it at just Sesotho trap but the production behind was clever enough to bracket it adding a number of elements to it. 

It is all laid out in Sesotho on the lyrical content. The muso sings about how he stopped cheating and drinking alcohol because he loved a certain someone. 

However, the woman he loved and sacrificed a lot for kept on overlooking his efforts. 

“Ke tlohetse ho chita, ke tlohetse ho noa joala, hore u bone kea u rata, empa ekare ha u bone kea u rata”. 

When he moves from the hook to the first verse he talks heavily on how the woman keeps on trying to break his heart by doing things that disappoint him and put a strain on their relationship.

At around 2 minutes 20 seconds into the song, there is a nice insertion of a conversation between a guy and his girl. The gent is asking his woman why

Woman “Kannete ha se hore ha u nkhotsofatse Sekonyela”

Sekonyela “Joale haeba ke u khotsofatsa, u nchitelang u batla’ng, u batla’ng?”

Woman “Ke kopa u ntšoarele, I’m sorry”

That part is just so incredible and creative, it fits nicely into the song. It paints a clear picture of the song.

The track is relatable to a lot of people because it tells a story that most people may have at one point come across. 

Ha U Bone by Q-Real rates at 7.5 out of 10.    

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