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Review: Juvy Oa Lepimpara featuring Honye


Chris Theko

Juvy Oa Lepimpara recently dropped a song featuring the late famo musician, Honye. The song is tilted Penya-Penya and is absolutely no surprise that this week the review looked their direction. 

The tune was officially released on the 1 October 2021; it is a kwaito feel sound with a twist of hip hop. The song runs for 4 minute 32 seconds, built on 101-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM), produced by Phoka Matete and laid on a 100/100-time signature. 

Although heavily influenced by the kwaito rhythm, the song has a number of elements lased to it, notably a heavy base guitar and accordion are felt throughout the tune. 

If you listen closely, you will hear that the original or bases of the song is one of the classics by the late artist himself. Just like the 2018 hit track K’hotho by the very artists including Ntate Stunna, Penya Penya is one from the records.

It was sampled and modernized here and there, although some of the parts, like the hook, had already been recorded by Honye before he died. The song is a close sample with a number of twitches.     

In true Juvy Oa Lepimpara style, the instrumental, lyrics, the composition and concept of the song are all aligned in a fashion that no one else does.

Juvy comes through with a “Bona mmeke o etsang, ae mmeke otlala tobetsa ae ae tobetsa, mmeke o tlala tobetsa” as he opens up the song with the base guitar in the background roaring like thunder. 

The accordion takes most of the shine obviously as mentioned that the song is a sample.

The hook is just a simple repetition of the title which is handled nicely by Honye.

There is no straight forward message behind the lyrical content of the track but just a load of feel-good vibe tunes such as Skipa Se Ntekane and the very K’hotho. 

The twist comes on the sound of a lady who is backing the hook with some sweet voice that brings a nice addition to the song.  The backing vocals are exactly what they mean when they say there is magic in a song. 

Are you looking for feel good track with some chilled vibes to it that you can jam in the club, at home with friends and very friendly to the entire family? Well, this duo has once again delivered a timeless classic. 

Penya Penya rates at 8.5 out 10    

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