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Review: Khilik by Sneiman


This week we review Sneiman’s hit track Khilik which is part of the album Maweekente released in April 2021 but the track was released as part of the Sneiman series in October 2020.

The track runs for 3 minutes and 16 seconds. 

Khilik was arranged on a-4/4-time signature and speed of 124 beats per minute (BPM). 

His authentic sound on this track is an expansion of his musical diversity but still keeping close to his origins of Sotho Hop, and the TÅ¡epe background is audible, he was one of the members the D2amajoe.

Sotho hop as it is famously known, is the signature in this song’s production, it is all that forms the tune in style and composition.

The track talks about people who take a person for granted only for that same person to show them that they were wrong.  

It kicks off with a lead guitar line in the background followed closely by piano chords which are the basis of the instrumentals, which adds a surprising element that also comes with an amusing rhythm to the listener’s ear and gives the song structure.

There is a nice surprise element of accordion which comes with the intro and throughout the song. 

When he comes in with the first verse, just a split second before there is a line that shouts ‘Khilik! Khaqa khiqi rea iqaolla hata mariki u butle hanyane ka makirikiri’. And he immediately follows it with the hook. 

“Ha ba paeze ba cha, mo ke kenang ha ba saize lia cha, mme kea ba tlohela ke re ba ntekane. 

This part is made even nicer by the little voices that come as an echo behind his first voice.

The first verse is packed full of punch lines and sleek word play and all his lines in it are wrapped up with khilik! at the end of every sentence.

He takes the hook one more time and it is not any different from the first intro. 

In the same manner, when he jumps into the second and last verse, the rhythm is still the same and the song remains unchanged however, his punch lines are just full of advices. 

He says people only love it when you are splashing money on them and start mistreating you once the fortunes change.

The song goes back to the hook as it wraps up. For people who are fascinated by the authentic Sotho hop or Tṧepe sound this is a very nice track, chilled and laid back. 

Khilik! rates at 7.5 out 10   

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