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Review: Lesotho by Duka X Mthxmbv


Chris Theko

This week’s review tune, Lesotho, is the lead single from The Duka Horn EP performed by Duka X Mthxmbv. 

The house joint runs for 6 minutes 23 seconds, built on 123-Beats-per-Minute (BPM) and laid on a 1010/101-time signature. 

The instrumental arrangement shows that the son is of a house music subgenre called Afrotech, which is a fusion of kwaito, tribal, deep and soulful house music often classed as deep house or soulful house although it has its own unique sound and is reflected in the musical style – particularly in the “stripped back”.

From the original percussions sounds and rhythms of South African culture, through this style of music one can tell that Africa has evolved and so has the African music.

The vibe that the song has instrumentally is exactly as the description narrates. The beat is on point with what the genre requires.

You can feel the tribal beats with the drums and percussions. 

The muso is talking in a poetic manner (Lithothokiso) as he personifies Lesotho, the people of Lesotho and what she stands for as a country. 

It is a well-written poetry piece which gives the listener an insight into the mountainous country from the districts and the meanings behind the names of the districts to the breathtaking beauty of the Kingdom’s landscape and its populace. 

The flow of the poetry and the poet are in sync with the beat which from-time-to-time takes breaks while the poet takes center stage bringing the melodious and captivating vibe to the song.

In the last few lines of the song, the poet appreciates the Royal Family “Lilemo ke kete-peli metso e supile. Ra putsoa mohla monene maru apoha seli le hlahe, re bone mpho ea balimo, bokamoso ba Lesotho. E mochitja mohlankana, khaitseli ea Senate le Maseeiso. Mohla leo letsatsi, ra bona tse khaphatsehang likhapha lapeng la koeneng, ea e-ba monyaka, litlatse le merethetho Lesotho…”

Here he is talking about the day the heir-to-the-throne Prince Lerotholi Mohato Seeiso was born and the joy that came with it. 

The song is a mixture of poetry and house music in a form of afrotech. Everything about the track is well-produced so much that it can be separated where the poetry can be done separate from the beat and the beat can be enjoyed separately. Both have been aligned, well-matched and when listening as a collective have been portrayed in unison.     

It is a club banger of note with a classic hit tag to it.

Lesotho by Duka rates at 8 out of 10       

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