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Review: Lokollang Pooho by Kommanda Obbs feat. Kwesta


Chris Theko

This week we review Kommanda Obbs’ single which was released on November, 16, 2020 and it features none other than South African rap god and the Ngud’ hit-maker, Kwesta. 

The track runs for 3 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Lokollang Pooho was arranged on a 4/4-time signature and speed of 144 beats per minute (BPM). 

It is a symbol of the Maputsoe native’s expanded musical diversity as in the form of famo tune in style and composition.

Lokollang Pooho which is literally translated to mean unleash the bull, speaks about his journey from where he comes from as well as the road ahead.

It kicks off with the hook “Lokollang pooho sakeng, ha e fate e ilo kuputsaka marole, pooho lokollang pooho sakeng boo, ha e fate bo (ha efata a fata makoatsi)…

Before breaking into the beat rhythm, overlaid with bass guitar baseline that ascends as the song evolves, the track opens with an accordion progression solo which has been echoed for dramatic effect.

There is also a featured lead guitar line in the background that adds a surprising element that also comes with an amusing rhythm to the listener’s ear and gives the song structure. 

He is very calm in the verse although the song has an upbeat tempo; he uses a calm speed and does not exert vocals. 

Just like in most Famo songs, Obbs is backed up in the song by a male singer. The backup adds a second harmony to the song supreme voice that is at a lower register (Octave), which acts as an anchor to his pitch.

The rapper breaks into the verse as he goes deeper into the song’s content. He says while they are busy taken by the storm and clearly not taking note of him, and while they are sleeping on him he is trusting God and sharpening his skills to strike when they least expect it. 

It is clear that the message of the song is Kommanda Obbs telling whoever is sleeping on his talent to watch out for he is coming for everything.

He thanks his hometown people from Leribe who have been supporting him and says he is in the making of history representing his hometown. 

It is in the second verse where the featured artist Kwesta comes through. A very short but intriguing verse, by the deep-voiced rapper.

Kwesta simply reiterates what Obbs has already said. His rhythmic style and lyricism to the beat is well handled and coordinates exceptionally. 

A second voice appears in the pipeline that sings along with Obbs in the hook. The voice is corresponding with the lead and the general composition is on par. 

The song rates at 8.5 out of 10

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