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Review: Maluti by Origin


Chris Theko

This week on the review we gauge the newly released single Maluti by the band Origin. The track was dropped on the 22 September 2021 and is their third single.

It was produced by Chopster beats and it has feel of soulful trap fusion with a bit of raps and lounge music.

The tune runs for 3 minutes 12 seconds, it was built on a 100-Beats-per-Minute (BPM) and laid on a 80/80-time signature. 

Maluti is made up of mixed tasteful genres with two step afro beat given melodious voices in a form of rhythm and poetry.  

It takes off with Mugasty on the hook and easily just follows it up with some raps. 

“Nkhono oaka o noa Maluti, she doesn’t care about nobody, ha re mo opeleng mahofi… nkhono oaka o noa Maluti, how cool is that and you never change that.”

The song lyrics depict someone’s grandmother who drinks the famous Maluti beer brand which is Lesotho’s finest award winning beer.

Putting the content into lyrics could be an easy task but only as hip hop which most rappers would say is an easy task. However, incorporating that into Sesotho poetry surely is not a walk in the park. 

What I appreciate about the track is that it is not far the band’s signature sound. It is authentic and original with a bit of international touch to it. 

Now when karabo aka Ntate Noto comes in with that poetry, it makes you wonder if this song is not worth international recognition. 

The interchange between Sesotho and English use by the vocalists is impeccable. 

This song can be jammed during all gathering be it family or public. It is easy going and sophisticated. 

Maluti rates at 8 out 10       

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