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Review: Ntho’e Ke E Phelang – By Zinkz Dee & Robocop


Chris Theko

On The Review this week we take a listen to Zinkz Dee production in a track titled ‘Ntho’e Ke e Phelang’ by Zinkz Dee and Robocop.

The track was released was November 7 2021 as a single. It is produced by one half of the famous duo on the track, Zinkz Dee.

With a time elapse of 3 minutes 33 seconds, built on 100 beats per minutes (BPM) and laid on a 99/99-time signature the production of the song is top class.

The instrumental arrangement is not similar to what we are used to in regards to the two artist’s signature sound which means they decided to challenge themselves and go with something different.

The sound is heavily influenced by a mixture of Afrobeats and the trending sound of amapiano, evident with the percussions, piano, with a clear African influence. 

The lyrical content is of a guy in love with the life he is living although he constantly battles with the aftermath of it all.

In the hook Zinkz Dee talks about the how he is constantly abused by the life he lives, the life of alcohol and parties. Continuously, he battles with winning the war against it meanwhile the kicks were coming his way.

The hook further emphasizes on how a man can be drawn to a life of slavery despite knowing it is wrong.  

When Robocop comes in he is confessing his love of something which keeps him up at night because all he does is think about it.

The rapper talks about how he found refuge in doing music which has given him hope to try and make money leaving out the rest of the external forces that had abused him before.

Meanwhile, Koata E Bohlale as Zinkz Dee is commonly known of late, comes through to take the verse further. He talks about how the thing he loves has kept him all night for many years while giving him headaches.

Then Robo returns with a line again to lay some heavy punches with that sotho swag and makes sure that the message is clear. The message is that most people are in relationships with things or people that keep them up at night but holding on to them simply because of the status.  

No doubt the track is a hit for any occasion, if you are seeking motivation in a form of a message about survival or just a vibe song during a hangout or even at the club, Nthoe Ke E Phelang is that hit you want on your playlist. 

Ntho’e Ke E Phelang rates at 8.5 out of 10 

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