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Review: Ntoa [Ha E Loana] by Ntate Stunna


Chris Theko

This week we take a listen to Ntate Stunna’s latest single titled Ntoa [Ha eE Loana]

The song runs for 3 minutes and 38 seconds. Derived from the Sesotho Fashioneng trend, the song has a lot of the artist’s signature sound. 

It was built on a 100 beats per minute (BPM) and 10/10-time signature and a 320-bit rate. 

Following his amazing EP titled Sesotho Fashioneng which was released in early 2020 and gained him popularity across the Southern African region, the track is exactly what people have been expecting from the man. 

Ntoa was released as a surprise by Ntate Stunna to mark his 25th birthday on February 22 2021. 

On the song, he speaks a lot against every form of injustice in the country, the region and the world which is Gender-based Violence.

GBV is a form an abusive act directed at an individual based on their gender. It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power and harmful norms.  GBV is a very serious violation of human rights and a life threatening health and protection issue. It is mostly commonly perpetrated by men against their women counterparts, especially in romantic relationships. 

It is therefore, commendable to have someone of Ntate Stunna’s status speaking so skillfully against it in a form of a rap song which is something that we have been used to seeing done by international acts. 

In my experience and if my memory serves me right, it was back in 2007 when LEFATE, one of the biggest hip hop crews then, went on to release a song condemning GBV, in particular, women abuse. It is quite refreshing for someone still in his prime to use his stage and platform to speak-up against this ill.

The hook is simple but captivating with the rapper playing around with words “roele ha le phahama u tsebe e’a loana ntoa, ooh ntoa ha e loana hee, ha e loana ntoa, roele ha le qoba u tsebe ea loana ntoa”

In the first verse he does what he is most popular for which is his use of the sesotho language with interesting word play, fatše le kotsi ua cha ua manuver, se ka catcher li feelings u ka mpa ua catcher uber. Ke hlama ene ke hona a tlo u luba.

The kids suffering while he is feeling himself in the house this style of beating women is out of the market, you still the mirror of the family.  A man who beats a woman is animal in the house.

As the song goes back to the hook once more with some hectic punchlines here and there. 

The last verse is still heavy on the word play as he continues to use his words to resist GBV while using his flair. 

The beat of the song gives it a nice vibe as serious as it is, it’s no harm dancing while listening to the strong message of importance, so big props to the production and mastering of the song.

No doubt the long awaited album is going to be all flames if this single is anything to go by. Stunna continues to prove why he is the current king of punchlines and sesotho fashioneng movement. 

Ntoa rates at 8.5 out of 10.   

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