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Review: Skebe la mpotsa ke mang by Robocop


Chris Theko

This week the review is taking a listen to Robocop’s latest single which is called skebe la mpotsa ke mang

The song kicks off with some soothing keys and some drum kicks then the hook by the artist gradually follows. 

The beat and the song were produced by Robocop’s long serving producer Shev Shengu, and this time around it is clear that the assignment was said to be soft and easy to the ear. 

It’s a simple sing-along chorus on that hook, as simple as “Skebe nne a mpotsa ke mang…”

In the first verse he praises himself and recites his clan totems while also making mention of his various nicknames that his fans have gone to give him over the years. 

Not the usual style of song that the artist is known for which includes his heavy flow, articulate and well researched punch lines. 

The difference here is that he is soft and easy on the flows and the message is simply about him passing gratitude to his fans. 

In the second and last verse he is talking precisely about the fans along with all the people who have been supporting him as an artist and who have been there for him as a person over the years. 

This is a typical Sotho hop appreciation song by an artist to his fans which is something that most times rappers do not do especially after years in the industry. It is unlike Robocop in so many ways from the beat, the mastering and the writing of the song. 

Skebe La Mpotsa Ke Mang rates at 8 out of 10

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