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Review: Superman by Skebz D


Chris Theko

This week we are taking on the Sotho Hop King, the legend of the game Skebz D in the review with his recently released single titled Superman. 

The song is 3 minutes 55 seconds and is on 8/8 beats per minute.

It is written and performed by Skepz D while ShevShengu is on production.  The song was officially released on 28 October 2020.

It is a hip hop track under the subgenre of

“tÅ¡epe” from sotho hop. 

The former Big Bang records artist has clearly kept his authentic sotho hop swag even throughout the ever changing hip hop music scene. 

Aside his rap flow capabilities, Skebz has shown his skill of storytelling which attracts listeners to pay attention to his lyrics. 

Superman is a fictional superhero who first appeared in American comic books and was adapted by the Marvel studios into a movie. 

In this concept Skepz is basically saying he is a superhero due to his abilities to help upcoming artists and having created platforms for many of them over the years.

Amongst many things, the lyrical content of the rapper has never been a question. 

The track opens up with a pre-hook before it moves into the hook.  With no backup vocals he did justice to the hook.

He maintains a rap and singing flow throughout while bringing in bar after bar.

When the song moves into the opening verse, he tells how he has always been able to jump on verses in any song and for that people started calling him a superhero as he cracks up jets midair hence he calls himself a superman. 

He says they see him fly high and start calling him an angel while he causes air traffic then witchcrafts start falling. 

His rhythmic flow and timing is precise which makes it easy to go along bumping to both the beat and vocals as they go parallel.

The song then moves into the pre-hook and the hook once more then the second verse comes in.  The verse comes in a much relaxed manner than the first but they still complement each other. 

This is another classic Sotho hop King hit with simplicity but swag and class.  No wonder he calls himself a musical hero somewhere in the lines towards the end of the verse. 

The rapper’s clarity plays good on his table as this makes the song highly entertaining to listen to.

It is also a club banger. It takes on the pre-hook and hook one more time as it comes to an end. 

The song rates a fair 7.8 out of 10  

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