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Review: The hotspot cypher episode 3


Chris Theko

This week for the review, we take a look at the Hotspot Cypher’s third episode which was released on Monday (August 9, 2021) featuring a host of six rappers.

With a slightly mid-tempo rhythm, the number is built on 101-beats-per-minute (BPM) and a time elapse of 7 minutes 20 seconds.  

Firstly, the visuals are out of this world, the crew did some incredible work on video, the props and the outlook of it all. 

The cypher is hosted by Witness the skill which means the production of the beat and the overall mastering was well handled by the producer Mj Elphy. 

Indeed a third time is indeed a charm.

The opening verse is courtesy of 6ix Zealot, whose flows are not as complicated and the flexibility that allows him to code-switch between Sesotho and English. He is followed by Everything Maryjane, a female rapper who is very subtle on the punch lines and easy on the flow. One thing I like with Everything Maryjane, is she has quite a singer’s voice. 

Kido the One, jumps onto the third verse and instantly captivates the attention with ill raps accompanied by serious punches. All these rappers don’t waste time and keep to the theme of a cypher. 

The following rapper is none other than Leka ‘Lekker’ sick on the raps like he is not a singer, yes one other thing he is an all-rounded musician who can also play the piano or the keyboard. But no one really knew that he could be so hard on a cypher, I guess it is true to never judge a book by its cover.  He did go harder on this cypher taking all the points and leaving little to none.

Thoso Thoso adds some flavor to the cypher with some straight up Sesotho wraps and flow and he is the only rapper on that tip. Aside from that, there is really little else to say, save that brought some much needed balance. 

The sixth verse boasts the flows of Jonny Sniper, who lives up to his name with snipes for raps and sick punchlines that keep you wanting some more. 

Jwoker is the second to last rapper on the cypher with his relaxed delivery. Though the punch lines keep rolling, you get the lyrics articulately word-for-word, which is something you barely get from rappers in a cypher. He says he is “cooler than summers but colder than winter”.

They say save the best for last, and the hotspot cypher got that right. The last and closing verse is courtesy of Jennie kay.  She starts off singing because yep she can sing but then she jumps straight into the raps. The best female artist who ensures that 2021 closes-off nice and easy with a cool flow. 

Overall, the production, the artist variety and introduction of some not-so-known rappers were on point. The Hotspot Cypher crew really did take their time to put together episode three for good reasons and it is all in the final product. 

Do check the video on the Hotspot Cypher Lesotho YouTube Channel, while at it you might as well check the previous episodes to see the improvement of the production. 

The Hotspot Cypher episode 3 rates 7.5 out of 10.

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