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Review: You Some Day by Axomind


Chris Theko

This week we review the latest single from Axomind and the song is titled You Some Day. 

The tune which takes 3 minutes 22 seconds is written by Axomind and produced by himself and built on 80 beats per minute (BPM) and 8/8-time signature. 

The feel of the song is a dedication to Dunamis from Axomind, who appreciates as well as recognises Dunamis for having paved a way and trained him to get to where he is. 

The track starts off with a hook as an intro by Axomind. The one thing that is most apparent on this phase of the song is the energy which is mastered by the rapper. This part of the song is well done. The singing is also on point.

Then it moves to the opening verse. The energy is kept the same way as in the hook but drawing a very distinctive difference between the chorus and the verse itself. The delivery flows from when one moves on from the one segment of the song to the other. 

Axomind’s transitioning is exactly what makes the song more captivating while another additional point that gives the song some more weight is his clarity. 

As the song moves on to the hook once more, he keeps the energy and flowing rhythm.  Not a lot of elements were introduced to the song, from the lyrical content to the production itself. 

The creativity is there but very limited however, that is not a bad thing in this instance as it has made the song very nice to listen to and enjoy.

The length of the song or the verses and lack of mistakes leave one wanting more of the song. 

The song then moves to the last part which is the hook once more, at this point it would not hurt Axomind to go over and beyond with his vocals or do anything to make it sound different from the first time that it occurred. 

Keeping the hook similar throughout the song gives a perception that there is something else again after that hook besides the ending of the song. 

The beat is well balanced, laid back and nicely composed.  It is very neat as far as the mastering is concerned.  

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