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Selling government stuff to the boers


The Minister of Agriculture, Marketing and Food Security Tefo Mapesela says he will sell a lion’s share of government tractors to the South African boers.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Mapesela pointed out that the tractors that have already been sold to farmers do not even make up a quarter of the 90 tractors which he said have been put up for sale.

He indicated that the initiative was designed to be a kind of subsidy for Basotho with the buying price of M500 000. He said if the local farmers continue to drag their feet and talk without action, he would be forced to look elsewhere for buyers including to the boers.

Mapesela said that only less than 20 tractors out of 90 have been purchased. He mentioned that the initiative was designed to subsidies all Basotho who are interested in farming.

All of this follows a public spat on the sale of the said farming implements which seemed to be marred by corrupt intentions judging by the ilk of persons, alleged farmers, who had bought the tractors.

Most of the persons who made it to the list of those who bought the tractors are basically public servants who are already earning glamorous packages thus bringing into question if this was indeed an above-board transaction or if those were granted access to classified information.

Be that as it may, the minister insists that everything was done by the book adding that the ministry had even gone to the extent of running adverts for the tractors.

He told Newsday that last year when they became intent on the sale, and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) had told them that they should at least advertise the auction they abode.

He says it is time people came forth to make purchases instead of complaining from a distance as if there is something worthy of complaining about.

As if that is not enough, he goes on to say that if Basotho continue to lag behind, then his ministry would be forced to sell to the boers at the expense of able locals.

Just like in any news, there are two sides, you be the judge!

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