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Sneiman drops star-laden debut album


Chris Theko

Musician, actor, lyricist, producer and songwriter Senei Makhalanyane, better known as ‘Sneiman’ has announced the release of his highly anticipated debut album titled Mawekente.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Maseru in a small village next to the historically significant Thaba-Bosiu, Sneiman was heavily inspired by an ethnic approach to music by the likes of Sankomota, Salif Keita, K’Naan, Bongo Maffin, the legendary Tau ea Matśekha and many other authentic artists.

Sneiman is also influenced by the late Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, composer and political activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

After a number of remarkable milestones in the music industry including his latest single titled ‘Khilik’ which was released in October 2020, Sneiman will joyfully make public his first solo project.

He said people can expect a well-produced album, a new sound which he refers to as ‘Sesotho sa Moraorao’. 

“It is with this album that we are going to give to the people a real sound of TÅ¡epe as I will be the first solo artist to release an album under TÅ¡epe Records. As an independent record label, we had to make sure that we stand out with our unique sound” Sneiman said.

The album contains 16 tracks and is a basic portrayal of the professional life that calls for a well-spent weekend as explained by the renowned artist.

The flamboyant artist explained that he really loves all the songs from track 1 to track 16 on the album with more love leaning towards ‘Puleng’.

“If I was to choose my personal favourite track, it would be ‘Puleng’, because it’s one of those songs which make one to feel proud to be a Mosotho. When I wrote it I never thought of the so-called popular genres and the trends, I just did something that belongs to Basotho in all aspects, the sound or the bounce on it I think is about time we should feel proud of what our legends like bo ntate Sanko, Famole Letsema MatÅ¡ela, Maseru top 6 to name a few have left us” he said.

Sneiman disclosed in an interview with Newsday Arts that the album mainly targets everyone in the adulthood range, people with an ear for good music.

“To be precise, my target audience is people from 18 upwards, especially those who have a good ear for Music and those who have been looking for something they can have ownership of. When you play the first track, the base line and the well played sound of accordion will definitely take one home to the Mountain Kingdom,” Sneiman said.

He added that it urges people to love themselves, wear elegant clothes and always put God in the driving seat in whatever they engage in because He will make it a success.

He said the whole compilation was inspired by his vision for men who are responsible and value family over everything, who spend time working, rearing animals, buying expensive cars, educating and entertaining their children and wearing elegant expensive clothes.

“It is a dedication and an applaud to their valuable efforts, it encourages that after a long week, they are entitled to a rest – a means to thank themselves, that is the connotation behind the cover name – ‘MAWEEKENTE’.

Reviewing his journey with its compilation, he said the album is a true symbol of success and will remain valuable to him.

Sneiman explained that during the production of the album he worked with artists like Kommanda Obbs, Big Zulu, MissP, ‘Mapule, MusiholiQ, TowdeeMac of the Legendary Morafe, gospel’s Mosito SentÅ¡o and TÅ¡epe Motopela and Thumane because he says it was a huge project that required collaboration with a lot other artists to make it an incredible outcome.

“On the production side I also worked with Bonaventure from QwaQwa, True Crack & Cyber Beats both from Johannesburg and I also produced some of the songs.

“Throughout the production I encountered several challenges, we were working on a new sound altogether therefore it took time to get right. It was not easy to overcome the challenges, we had to take a risk and give music to the people and the response was positive, it made it clear that Sneiman originates from Lesotho,” he revealed.

Sneiman has had his footprints in the music scenes from 2013, branding himself in Sotho Hip-hop. He joined Lithuoa-majoe entertainment group where he was able to release eight singles.

According to the singer, the album is readily available, but it’s just a matter of finalising a number of things with his administration team and other stakeholders.

“We will let people know about the official release date. For now, they can also follow me on my social media platforms to hear the latest news about the album,” he concluded.

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