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The Hotspot Cypher widening artists’ horizons


Pheello Mosesi

Founded by Doops and MatsIll, The Lesotho Hotspot Cypher promises to be the next big hit in the country.

The co-founders of The Hotspot Cypher, rapper T֝šeliso ‘MatsIll’ Thamae and designer Metsing ‘Doops’ Molupe when speaking with Newsday revealed that the project was a concept that was developed in 2018.

“This is a collaborative effort that we had in studio. We want to promote the young artistes who have a lot of potential and talent but are not yet well known out there in the market,” MatsIll said.

With the expertise of visual work, designing and illustrating, the founders fell into a thought of promoting the work of artistes by creating more traffic for them.

The project was initially called The Freshmen Cypher, but was chanced because it felt like it was too direct on who will be on it.

MatsIll and Doops pointed out that The Cypher had to be constructed in such a way that every rapper who deserves to be on it, regardless of the age and period of time in existence had in the game, should be featured on it.”

“We collected people who are likely to never collaborate. These are people who are already established while some are up and coming,” MatsIll told Newsday.

He revealed that the concept was derived from the ‘Hotspot of the connection of phones’.

“The cypher is a hotspot which connects people,” MatsIll explains.

“I have had the beat for months. It was produced by Rence Tracks,” he said.

He added, “Originally the cypher was intended to feature 10 rappers, however, the first episode of The Hotspot Cypher features only four rappers which are Zoo, Number 35, Lu Srenk and Dave Stone.

“The names of some of the rappers we had initially for this cypher but who chose not to show up are not even worth mentioning,” said MatsIll.

He added, “We want to give credit to the producer, Rence Tracks as well. It has become a culture now to give all the credit to rappers and throw off the producer in the background of the song. This has to change because producers are just as important in the creation of the song as well.”

“We are giving a platform to artistes who want to address real life issues. This cypher also answers the recent rant between rappers and DJs because as we have more episodes, we will see more DJs interacting with rappers. This will hopefully change the state of things between these two art departments.”

The Hotspot Cypher founders hope to see the cyphers being performed live as time moves on.

MatsIll and Doops mentioned that they have been scouting for sponsorship to give more weight to the initiative and he mentioned that a couple of companies and individuals have shown interest.

Beyond the searching of the funding for their project, the founders mentioned that one of the major challenges that they had was having to put the rappers in the same place in one time.

MatsIll and Doops mentioned that there are in-house misunderstandings which have caused the delay of the release of the Cypher.

It was scheduled to be released on April 20.

Unlike the main intention which was to release an episode each month, they had to settle to releasing an episode seasonally.

The cypher is set to be released this May on a date yet to be confirmed.


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