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The Review: Lotto by Ntate Stunna


Chris Theko

On The Review this week, we take a listen to Ntate Stunna’s latest single titled ‘Lotto’ released on November 8, 2021. 

The song runs for 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Derived from the Sesotho Fashioneng trend, the song has a lot of the artist’s signature sound. 

It was built on 100 beats per minute (BPM) and a 10/10-time signature with a 320-bit rate, just like the previous single ‘Ntoa’.  

The instrumental arrangement kicks off with some beautiful keys on that piano cord and some ululations in the background. As usual and expected, an accordion comes through right after followed by some heavy trap base.

As the title says, ‘Lotto’ the track basically talks about the things he would do if he could win the lottery.

Following his amazing EP titled Sesotho Fashioneng which was released in early 2020 and gained him popularity across the Southern African region, Stunna has consistently kept his fans on their toes begging for more, and boy has he not disappointed!

This track is exactly what people have been expecting from the man. 

The hook is quite a catchy and vibey sing along “Ha nka wina lotto, I’ma buy my mom a moto” simply translated to ‘if I win the lottery I’ll buy my mother a car’.

He says he would book a flight and go home to Lesotho to get his mother, and then make her aware how he has made it big in Gauteng and subsequently buy her a car. 

Stunna mentions buying a purple coup by Sirocco which is the car he bought just last year, which unfortunately, got damaged in an accident he was involved in about a fortnight ago. 

He says he would be the face of an issue of Forbes Magazine (a magazine of international acclaim enlisting the world’s big buck earners) and many would start to recognize that a Mosotho has arrived for sure. “Fahleho sa Mosotho maqepheng a bo Forbes, ebe apole ke e loma hangoe feela like Steve Jobs”.

He goes on to state that women would be all over him because his house will be on fourth street hence women will love it and he would spend the money on some’s daughter.

Surprisingly, some if not most of the things Ntate Stunna mentions on the song are things he has done or experienced in the past two years. Somehow, the song sounds like he is narrating his life’s successes while also making a few wishes.

At this rate, the much awaited album will be full of nothing but hits; the track list so far is occupied by singles that topped the charts on digital platforms and radios.    

Lotto rates at 7.5 out of 10

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