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The vaccine, deaths and the MoH


The government’s failure to implement Covid-19 vaccination policy has proven beyond reasonable doubt the incompetence to handling the whole issue.

Four people have lost their lives after receiving Covid-19 vaccine jabs of the second phase roll-out as a confirmation that the government failed to implement strategic plan to disseminating information in an effort to sensitise the nation regarding the side effects that are likely to emerge after vaccinating.                 

It was not long ago when the Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro was exultantly hailing the government’s successful efforts to securing the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine from the United States of America. So happy that his jubilation clouded his already tiny ability to think of a prudent strategy that would appraise the nation of the consequences packed with the vaccine.

One would wonder how many deaths the nation is yet to incur when the thousands of uninformed communities start receiving jabs of the 100 000 Sinopharm vaccine doses from China.

In all of these, the government is tight-lipped, so quiet and not bothered to start developing a counter strategy to disseminating information to the public. That can be done by launching a massive media campaign wherein all the necessary information about the virus like the side effects for different people and different illnesses that are not compatible with is provided.

For those with little knowledge, the public has the right to information, when the people are well informed about a certain aspect of the vaccine, then the public would be saved as those with certain illnesses such as sugar diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV which is mismatched with the vaccine would not bother to take the vaccine.

Until and unless the government realises the need to protect this right, then a lot of people’s lives will continue to perish.

In most countries, government does not vaccinate people before it makes sure that they understand what the vaccine is, what its purpose is and what its side effects are. After this has been explained, then a person to be vaccinated signs an informed consent that vindicates government from possible future lawsuits by vaccinated persons when they experience negative side effects. This is good in a sense that a person gets vaccinated knowing the impacts that might show after then.

A doctor at the Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital confirmed that the death of one patient caused by the vaccine last week after feeling exhausted.

Her sister told this publication that “…She was taking high blood medication during her life,” she said.

She said her sister complained about excessive fatigue last Friday after receiving vaccination the day before.

“We rushed her to Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital on Saturday but I was not permitted to get inside with her. After she passed on, the doctor came to us and confirmed that the cause of death was the Covid-19 vaccine,” she said.

The Ministry of Health’s Head Family Health Dr Makhoase Ranyali went vocal after the confirmed deaths owing to Covid-19 vaccine stating that Co-commodities, diseases such as high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and HIV do not match with the vaccine.

“If the diseases seem to be high such a person is not supposed to be vaccinated until the disease is under control,” she said.

A beckoning question demands whether the country has a vaccination policy that would protect the sick patients with diseases that do not match with the vaccine. What are the possible side effects of each to different types of people? How can the side effects of each be mitigated either at home or at hospital?   

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