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Vodacom living up to its word


Seabata Mahao

Vodacom Lesotho has reduced its bundle charges for data and voice bundles as a way of delivering its promises of further together.

The company reached a decision to reduce its charges in order to empower its users and give people more value for their money. As a testimony to its recently launched tagline ‘Further together’, Vodacom Lesotho’s leading telecommunications company has revealed a series of products and services and corporate social investment initiatives.

Managing Director of Vodacom Lesotho, Mohale Ralebitso stated at the unveiling event in Maseru this week that, the experience of the past year of the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the critical role of connectivity and technology in keeping society, businesses and governments connected.  He also explained that as Vodacom, they are extremely excited about giving Basotho the best possible tools for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives, using the network and the tools they provide to make their lives easier.

“Our Mum and Baby mobile health intervention launched today will provide our customers with maternal, neonatal, and child health information designed to encourage good health practices amongst pregnant women, mothers, partners, and caregivers,” said Ralebitso.

Meanwhile, Vodacom’s Executive Head of the Consumer Business Unit, Tšepo Thabisi indicated that a lot of people have been complaining that Vodacom data charges are expensive, and they have heeded that call by reducing data prices significantly, and this is just one way in which they are trying to assist Basotho with better access to the internet.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for internet usage with many professional services now delivered virtually. The company has also repacked its voice bundles to reduce charges and also incorporate per second billing in its bundles,” said Thabisi.

Among the new repackaged bundles, M18.00 now buys 450 megabytes (MB) of weekly bundles as opposed to the 375MB that it used to buy previously. Also the customer can now buy weekly bundles for as low as M12.00 to get 200MB, which is a new addition. In the past, the cheapest weekly data bundle cost M18.00

“Our voice bundle pricing was such that a customer would be charged for an entire minute even when they talked for a fraction of a minute. I am proud to present that our voice bundles have been revised to charge the customer only based on the duration of the call. For instance, if you speak for two seconds we will apply a two seconds charge on the customer’s voice bundles,” Thabisi said.

Thabisi added that, they have seen the need for people to be able to call different networks with their calling bundles. To that end, they have introduced new all network bundles which enable the customer to call all Lesotho networks at a more affordable cost. These bundles will still charge customers on the time they would have used.

Another new addition is the Mum and Baby initiative, a web platform offering exclusive health and wellness content to educate mothers, their partners and caregivers. The company also unveiled the Local Brands concepts which is aimed at promoting creative development

Executive Head of Legal, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, TÅ¡epo Ntaopane said that Vodacom Lesotho like any other company wants to make profits but it cannot make money while its customers are not satisfied.

“So today Vodacom heard the customers’ plea and the products are going to be world class worthy of the value of customers’ money,” Ntaopane said.

Ntaopane mentioned that Vodacom also announced its effort to assist local businesses and musicians. Small Medium Enterprises are offered the opportunity to enjoy extended publicity and reach by way of getting advertising support from Vodacom.

“Businesses are urged to submit their stories on how covid-19 affected their day-to-day operations, with a chance to be profiled by way of video testimonies professionally shot by Basotho creatives. All the curated content will be published on Vodacom’s wide reach platforms including social media pages, as well as radio shows,” Ntaopane added.

This app is compatible with smartphones running on several operating systems, being Android, android GO as well as Kaios. Android GO and Kaios are platforms that enable suitable, low-end, feature phones to have smartphone capabilities. The application will ensure that more Basotho have access to the many benefits brought about by mobile applications. 

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