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VPL teams unhappy


Chris Theko

Premier league teams have expressed their displeasure over the decision to resume the Vodacom Premier League (VPL) 2020/21 season.

The Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) last week directed all the league bodies to start with preparations which will lead to the eventual resumption and subsequently the continuation of the 2020/2021 league season.

Following the easing of restrictions which had effectively barred all forms of contact sport in the country the football governing body has decided that the season which was disrupted shall resume and play to completion.

Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) spokesperson Qamako Mahao told Newsday Sport this week that the premier league teams expressed their dissatisfaction with the NEC. 

“When we got the decision from the NEC, we had to go back to those who sent us, being the premier league teams and when we told them what the decision was, they were not happy at all.

“We met the teams on Friday to give them the feedback regarding the proposal they had asked us to make and to map a way forward,” Mahao said.   

He said that the teams have demanded a meeting with LeFA over the decision to continue with the disrupted 2020/21 (VPL) season. 

The elite league teams had requested the PLMC to make recommendations to the NEC proposing that the season is canceled and teams given a chance to prepare for the new season.  The proposal had requested that the new season starts this month. 

“The teams asked for an urgent meeting with the LeFA NEC so that they can get an opportunity to pass their grievances across,” he said. 

According to Mahao, the teams are concerned about LeFA’s lack of understanding when it comes to their financial challenges. Majority of local teams depend heavily on the gate-takings for their income. He said that teams had been playing without fans at the stadia while sponsors have also had their fair share of struggles in as far as funds due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Mahao said the teams will be in a predicament hence they asked LeFA to assist financially but the association said there is no money. 

“We were aware that the resumption of the league will see teams struggle to finance their logistics for the games until the end of the season unless there is a bailout from the association,” he said. 

“We requested that LeFA assist with at least M2.4 million to be distributed amongst the league teams. The biggest challenge is that teams do not have money. 

“It must be clear that this is not defiance from the teams to continue but they do not have the funds to honor the games,” he said.

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