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Wasco staff down tools, demanding salary increment


Mohloai Mpesi

Infuriated Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) staffers started picketing today, demanding salary increase from the incumbency of the company.

From morning, they clocked in work and never performed their duties.

They promised to continue their protest until management responds to their grievances.

Addressing the irate employees, the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Thelejane Thelejane told the staffers that their concerns will be answered by the board Chairman or representative tomorrow.  

“I told my superiors (Board) about this matter. Allow me to call the Chairman of the Board to come and explain and even provide a solution of these matters tomorrow. We will be able to discuss matters relating to the administration of Wasco from Executive level to the Board of the company as well as salary increment.

“Allow me to bring my superior tomorrow so that we get to the bottom of these issues as per your Trade Union’s request. This issue is huge and I can’t be able to address it right now with your instant call without making thorough preparations. Please allow us to make preps so that we can address you tomorrow.

“I will make sure that the Chairman of the Board is here tomorrow, if not, he will provide a representative who will be able to address these matters,” Thelejane said.

Regardless of the address, staffers vowed to maintain their stance and stop all service provision until their queries are addressed.

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