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What ever happened to TMTMC?


Chris Theko

Take Me to My Crush (TMTMC) the show to have Basotho viewers at the edges of their seats as on-screen participants search for potential partners has kept scores of its faithful followers anxiously awaiting the next episode, which wait has surpassed the three-month mark.

The platform was set up in a way that one individual, aged 18 and above and of all sexes had a chance to write to TMTMC and tell them about a person on whom they have a crush.

Once contact was made between the duo, they went on a date at an undisclosed location and the “crusher” given an opportunity to pour-out their heart. The person who is being crushed on only gets to find out who the person that has a crush on them is upon their first meeting.

The first episode of TMTMC aired last August and was an instant hit as it racked up over 25 000 views on the TMTMC Facebook page and a little over 2000 on their YouTube channel.

The show was starting to get a number of sponsors who were lining-up to ensure that the idea becomes the hit it was looking potential of having. 

At the rate the show was gaining popularity amongst Basotho and South Africans, both young and old it would soon clinch a partnership with one of the commercial radio stations Bokamoso 974. The partnership would see the two working together on the production of the show and the crew would be guided and assisted by Bokamoso 974 station manager Simangaliso Dlamini, a former SABC producer. 

But that partnership would not last long. After the 5th episode which aired on February 27 2021, it appeared the two parties were not on the same page in as far as the operations and handling of the production. 

The partnership was terminated as the issue was handled privately and no further details were provided. 

The show continued to grow from strength to strength while getting a number of other sponsors. However, the last episode was aired on May 7 2021. It is over three months and the fans have been asking and wondering what happened to their favorite show.

Be that as it may, rumour has it that fans may find themselves waiting for much longer than they were prepared for, possibly forever.

A source close to the issue told this publication that there is a possibility that the end to the founders’ romantic relationship could have dire effects to the production with an eventuality of it also following suit to the now-dead affair. 

“We have been getting requests from people who wanted the show to assist them but there is a chance that the show could be shelved for good but I cannot reveal further details as the matter is a personal issue,” said the source.    

The brains behind the show were the duo of TÅ¡epang Maboee, who is a founder and presenter of the show, together with her erstwhile lover and co-founder Mohlokaqala Monfundisi who was also the producer, director and editor of the show.

The couple’s relationship was largely seen as the fuel that ran the engine of the show and kept ideas flowing in the right direction to see the show soar as it did since the initial episode last year, however, they have since split.

Asked to comment on the matter regarding the possible discontinuation of the show due to his split with Maboee, Monfundisi rebuffed the claims, saying instead that they are still very much on course with the seeing the show live hence the halt had been necessitated by fact that they are still looking for new sponsors.

“We had stopped publishing the episodes even before we could end the relationship, so it would be unfair if we could attach personal battles into the show,” said Monfundisi. 

He further indicated that the show has its own life that would not allow personal issues to affect its operations, adding that should they secure sponsors, the show will definitely resume.

On the other hand, Maboee declined to comment on the matter when asked if the show will ever come back. 

TMTMC episode included background music from various local artistes in an effort to set the mood of the show and to promote local art as they were looking to showcase Lesotho’s talent. It also utilized local products such as local cab taxies which were used to ferry the participants as well as the local restaurants which served as rendezvous for the would-be couple, meaning the stoppage of the production has had negative effects on more than just the viewers who miss their favourite show.

Other members of TMTMC included co-presenter Seipati Motlatla, crew members Lebohang Lesoma, Joel Thuhloane and Reamohetse Prince Magaga, with Mahapela Mofoka and TÅ¡epo Kotelo taking care of videography.

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