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What value do Deputy Ministers add?


Had the Prime Minster Dr Moeketsi Majoro come out wielding the axe, swinging it in the air ready to maul and chop down incompetence in cabinet work, most of us would have had words of advice to whisper into his ear for clarity of direction.

Many would have given nudge in the direction according to the one we feel was doing a good job running down the show instead of up. For instance, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Home Affairs might have made significant addition to the chosen two who took the chop. But alas, only one man has been constitutionally bestowed with the right to so decide.

And while talking about the chops, was it really necessary for the axed ministers to be replaced by utterly new ones from the bench, when there are so many redundant fellows?

For our current financial situation especially in the face of the raging fury of the corona virus, it would have been a pretty smart move to take advantage of the chop and use it as a step in the right direction-downsizing the cabinet.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught and shown us that there are things we can really do without. Since every one of us is forced to stick around and till the land as scrabble with a remedy the global quagmire that has spared no nation of the world, ministers have stayed put rendering their deputies more redundant.

We believe it would have been a very wise move to throw in the two names referred to above into the hat and done a significant chop, then replacing them by shuffling minsters around like chess pieces and promoting the good-for-nothing deputy ministers to make them full ministers. That way we would have hit two birds with a single pebble.

While on the one hand weeding out the unnecessary, we would on the other have saved the country on the budget of financing four deputy ministers who do God-knows-what to earn their pay. And then maybe, just maybe, the money might have to be used to supplement the vaccine budget.

In any case, what value do deputy ministers add to the cabinet, especially the current crop?

We still believe that it is not late for the Premier and his advisors to consider a second round of the chops in order to save the country the bother and embarrassment of paying people hefty salaries for nothing.

Next time, Dr. Prime Minister, please give them three-month assessment plans to see if anyone is doing anything for and with the public’s mandate granted unto them. Those who fail to duly deliver be shown the door and none brought in to replace them, instead promote the deputies and subject them to the same assessment in three months, those who fail go. That way we would easily separate the sheep from the goats until we have some seven or so men and women committed to making this wonderful country great again. fffffffff

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