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World Radio day


A nation at peace with its media is a nation at peace with itself and one which shall attain its economic affluence. This is because media is a powerful tool in the information dissemination, and an informed people is well-of. Radio is the one medium whose proximity to almost everyone makes it the most preferred means of information dissemination.

Some of the characteristics of radio which make it a medium of choice include, but are not limited to, instant reach of the message, cheap access and its ability to reach greater masses of the people at once.

The importance of radio is not only noticeable in the eyes of media interested beings but by all and sundry. Politicians are well aware that if they can gain the control of the media, then they can easily do as they please.

It is for this reason that, owing to the country’s limited legal spectrum for the media, politicians hide under the journalism cover while advancing their barbaric ways, to the detriment of the media industry.

Aware of the misdemeanor, the Media Institute of Southern Africa-Lesotho (MISA-Lesotho) issued a strong-worded scathing advice for politicians-cum-journalists to make one choice, stay in their lane as failure to do that breeds discontentment.

It further says in the statement that the pseudo-journalists are the ones who are first to criticize MISA as it discharges its responsibilities of advocating for media freedom.

It is also them whom at the first sign of challenge they run to the same MISA, hence MISA has seen right through such.

The unprofessional radio person degrades the profession and renders it a joke. However, there are people enjoying the benefits of having a functional radio space.

Radio is the one medium that flexibly mutates even as the sound in music changes for the better.

It has been there in ages past and will be there in ages to come.

Long live the power and might of radio.

Happy World Radio Day!!!!!!!!!!

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