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Youth kills own mother


…as priest drowns during baptism ceremony

Seabata Mahao

A 21-year old man Siyabonga Chefu, from Siliwe in Mohale’s Hoek cold bloodedly choked his 42-year old mother who is also a teacher at Siliwe High School to death. This was said by Police Deputy Spokesperson Sub-Inspector ‘Mareabetsoe Mofoka during a media briefing from the Police headquarters in Maseru this week.

She said police reports indicate that the two visited the police station on October 27, 2021, in the event where the suspect was complaining about his mother whom he was saying does not care about him.

“The report further states that, on October 28, 2021, the suspect went to call his mother from a neighbour’s house where she was visiting at around 18:00hours, telling her that she had guests at the house to which she abode and followed him. It is further said that upon arrival at their home, Chefu began assaulting his mother before strangling her with a rope. He is then said to have washed blood off the corpse and then rose the alarm with the neigbours whom he told that his mother had committed suicide.

“Upon investigating the scene, police confirmed that the suspect had killed his mother by strangling her. He was then arrested and appeared in court on November 1 2021, charged with murder where he was remanded in custody. He will appear again in court on November 15, 2021,” Mofoka said.

Meanwhile, in other news, Majoro Choatlella, 42, from Ha ‘Nelese in the Maseru district, who is also a taxi operator, shot dead a 34-year-old taxi rank inspector in Mohale’s Hoek. Police reports indicate that the deceased was in the habit of provoking the suspect who would simply just walk away. However, on that fateful day, the deceased’s provocation was not so easily received to a point that a fight had erupted between them, whence the suspect had rushed to his minibus where he pulled a 9mm pistol with-which he shot and killed the deceased.

“The suspect handed himself to the police after the incident and duly appeared in court on November 1, 2021 charged with murder where he was remanded in custody. He will appear again in court on November 24, 2021,” she said.

On the other hand, a 39-year-old 12 Apostolic Church priest from Mazenod in the Maseru district, drowned in the Mohokare river alongside a 16-year-old girl from Ha-TÅ¡osane on October 31, 2021 at Linakotseng Ha-Tsolo in Maseru. Apparently, the priest was conducting a baptismal ceremony.

“The police search and rescue squad is still looking for them even today with no luck. The public and churches are urged to take precautions while conducting church services and functions involving water,” she said.

The Police received 26 stock theft reports last week while the suspect has been arrested. 70 cows, nine horses, four donkeys, 118 sheep and 67 goats were reported stolen while the police retrieved 23 cows, seven horses, one donkey, 31 sheep and 36 goats. The police have retrieved seven cows which have been stolen in South Africa and in stray stock; the police have 22 cows, one horse, 31 sheep and two goats.

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