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Youth mounts pressure on Majoro


Seabata Mahao

The Forgotten Generation Movement of the joint youth heaped more pressure on the Prime Minister Dr. Moeketsi Majoro and the Speaker of the National Assembly after slapping them with a petition in relation to a progress report about their concerns deferred before Prime Minister’s office.

The youths came guns blazing this week holding Majoro to question for ignoring their concerns which were submitted 10 months ago and have not been answered.  Among others, the letter included high rate of youth unemployment and the incompetence of Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, Likeleli Tampane which gave the youth no other option but to humbly request her out of office.

“Honourable Prime Minister, it is more than 10 months now since the youth and your office met and agreed that the state of Youth Unemployment requires quick flexible extraordinary attention and procedures that are completely different to those that have been used 50 years ago since they have not answered to high rate of youth unemployment. We are still waiting for a detailed answer of the letter dated July 15, 2021 on valid reasons why the Youth Employment Stimulus Programme is not in operation,” the letter asked.

The letter further quizzed the premier about the promised jobs to the youths for the upcoming African Union Sports Council Region 5 games which are penned for December this year.

In essence, the youth indicated that their plea for job tenders were rebuked by the incumbent minister who indicated that the cabinet ruled that only civil servants could work in the project.

“So honourable Prime Minister what happened to the agreement that “nothing for the youth without the youth?” the letter asked.

The President of the same movement mentioned that it is surprising that Tampane is still in office up to date after innumerable complaints about her ineffectiveness and unskillfulness to hold office, adding that with all the power bestowed in the Prime Minister by the constitution to shuffle or dismiss ministers, they now have the impression that the inability of the Tampane is visible to the administration as head of government.

“The youth submitted their grievances before the office which even among others include the simple promises that the Minister failed dismally to deliver, in  this regard we dying to know from you Honourable Prime Minister of the qualities that you see in our Minister which maybe we are not aware of,” said Moteuli.

Moteuli further stated that, regarding the subject of the Minster of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation the youth of Lesotho would like to see Honourable Tampane appear before Social Cluster Portfolio Committee. 

“With the power vested in you as the Clerk and the Speaker, we are making a special request to you through Social Cluster Portfolio Committee to hold Minster of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation accountable after she explicitly stated that the Ministry is operating at 0% budget.   

“Consequently, we are puzzled as the youth because the committee approved the Ministry’s budget and on the notice from the Minister dated August 11, 2021, that Youth are going to be empowered through National Volunteer Corps, Social Compact, Youth Employment Promotion and Vocational Training Centre from the 0% budget,” the letter read. 

Moteuli added that, as per Standing Order 79, (1) All petitions to the National Assembly shall be handed to the Clerk who shall immediately refer them to the Speaker and cause their publication in the Announcements, Tabling and Committee (ATC) reports under announcements bearing the name of the petitioner and the date received. 

It further adds: “(2) The Speaker shall at the earliest convenience refer the petition to the relevant committee or Ministry for appropriate action.  (3) A committee or Ministry to which a petition is referred shall report back to the House within 20 working days from the date of referral. Also, the submission thereof shall be published in the ATC and may, if deemed appropriate, be debated in the House,” the letter read.

 He also said that, they humbly request the answer within four working days

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